Buy land in Russia

How Foreign Citizens can Buy Agricultural Land in Russia?

In most of the world, the countries are gradually running out of fertile land.

And those land plots that are still available for sale cost so much that not every investor is ready to risk his finances.

In Russia, agricultural land is fertile, the cost is few times cheaper than in the European Union, large blocks of land can still be found on sale.

Purchasing agricultural land in Russia could guarantee from 12-30% income per annum. However, the sales transaction involves some difficulties.

According to the Russian law, registration of an agricultural land by foreign citizens is impossible.

But there is few options which is possible to do:

Buy land in Russia
Agricultural Land in Russia

In each case, there are some specifics.

The lawyers of our company will help to deal with them as well as prepare documents and find the right land plot.

Apart from that, we can select the operating business, conduct its audit, and successfully conclude the deal.

More and more foreign investors from the USA, Germany, Canada, India, Australia, China, and Latin America become interested in buying agricultural land.

Currently, more than 20% of agricultural land in the Central part of Russia is owned by foreign companies.

Foreign private investors want to create an agricultural enterprise in Russia or invest in the undervalued Russian lands.

This became especially relevant after the introduction of retaliatory sanctions and import substitution program in Russia, which significantly increased the demand for agricultural land.

If you know the law enforcement practices and the Russian legislation, it will not be difficult to buy a land plot.

However, it will take a lot of time to prepare the documents and bring them into conformity with the requirements of the law.

Our experts and lawyers will take care of this procedure.

  • We can find farmlands that meet your needs;
  • We can agree with the owner as well as prepare contracts and other documents;
  • We can provide full support of the land acquisition;
  • We can register the land plot and give the final documents to you.

All the actions are performed based on the power of attorney.

Our experts in Russia are ready to provide comprehensive support for foreign entrepreneurs and businesses, they will help you at all stages, from a preliminary assessment of the situation and choosing the best solution to obtaining all the necessary registration documents and getting started.

By seeking legal advice, you will receive the following guarantees: the result will be achieved within a certain period, and any issue will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, and all this for reasonable money.

Besides, you will protect yourself from possible risks and mistakes in opening Agricultural company in Russia, which can turn out to negative consequences.

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Open a Company in Russia
Open a Company in Russia