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To travel around the world or to work abroad, you will need a visa. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations for foreign citizens. Some countries have more restrictions, others – less, and the rules applied in each specific case will be very different, so if you are going to another country, be sure to clarify the procedure of crossing the border and the possibility of staying in a country in your particular case. Thus, foreign citizens who want to work in Russia need to obtain a work visa, first of all. This rule does not apply to the citizens from countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The type of permitting document and the procedure for its obtaining depends on the purposes of a foreigner and the duration of his/her stay in the country. Generally, a work visa is required for foreign citizens who want to work in Russia. Russia also issues tourist visas, but they do not entitle a foreign citizen to work and do business in the country. Meanwhile, work visa also allows a foreign citizen to cross the border for an unlimited number of times, and can be issued depending on the employment contract for a period from three months up to three years. This visa can be extended upon expiration of its validity period.

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Invitation for business visa
Single-entry / double-entry for the period up to 90 days from 300 euro
Multi-entry for the period of 6 months from 350 euro
Multi-entry for the period of 1 year from 500 euro
Invitation for work visa from 350 euro

The procedure for documents’ obtaining in Russia. Work visa invitation

In any case, work visa obtaining begins with an invitation. According to the Russian legislation, work visa as well as work visa invitation is drawn up by the inviting party, which is usually the employing company.

Therefore, before drawing up any documents, a foreigner should first find an employer in Russia and discuss working conditions. If the parties have agreed on all the conditions, it is possible to proceed with the paperwork. Depending on the certain circumstances of the situation, the period for processing documents is from 1 to 3 months.

Russia work visa invitation – obtaining procedure

So, let us look at the example of a Moscow work visa, how the process of issuing an invitation (from the employer) is going on:

  1. Obtain a permit to attract a foreign labor force.
  2. Submit documents for obtaining a work permit.
  3. Submit documents for a work invitation.

Afterwards, a foreign citizen receives the work visa invitation and can proceed with the work visa issuance.

Work visa in Russia. Professional lawyer’s services

In any case, the whole paperwork process has many nuances and peculiarities, and in order to do everything quickly and without any problems, it is necessary to know Russian legislation well, therefore a professional lawyer is needed. If you do not have a suitable specialist, we offer you our legal services. Thus you can be guaranteed the result in the shortest possible time. Russia work visa fee (our company service) ranges from 300 € to 500 €, depending on the type of visa and its validity term.

Here are the typical services we can provide you with:

  • Consulting on any issues relayed to work visas in Russia;
  • Assistance in collecting, preparing and submitting documents for visa issuance;
  • Communication with government agencies on the issue of obtaining a work visa.

Save your time and nerves, order the Russia work visa invitation service from professional lawyers.

Get help starting your business.

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