Accounting and Tax

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, any legal entity or private entrepreneur engaged in commercial activities around the country is required to keep accounting records and regularly send reports to the local tax service. This means every business needs accounting & tax services provided by either a full-time employee or an outsourcing company.

Accountin & Tax consulting

$ 50 .00

Starts from per hour

  • Support and assistance in accounting & tax;
  • Consulting on expansion;
  • Informing about all changes in legislation.

Financial outsourcing

$ 290 .00

Starts from

  • Keeping accounting records
  • ERP 1C | SAP | Navision
  • English | German speaking team

The importance of correct accounting & tax reporting

Tax and accounting records show government and law enforcement agencies that this business is being conducted clearly, and without breaking any laws. If the reports are made incorrectly and contain some errors, or the information in them is incorrect, fines or even criminal liability for such actions are applied according to the law, and therefore any business owner should carefully consider own accounting and tax statements in order to avoid possible problems with tax service.

On the other hand, correctly drawn up accounting and tax reports show your potential partners and clients that you are an honest partner, and one can do business with you and that will not bring any problems with the tax service, and will not entail bankruptcy-related claims, etc., i.e. your reputation is crystal. Reputation in the business world is more valuable than money, as we all know.

So, everyone needs a good accounting and tax service. And where exactly one can get it? To hire a professional on the staff, or address a consulting company for help, the choice is up to you.

If your company is not large, and there is not enough work for an accountant or financial specialist (no full time), but it is regular (once a month/quarter, etc.), the best solution would be outsourcing accounting and tax services.

Accounting & tax services offer?

Depending on the work specifics and of activity, reporting can be quite different, but typically, a comprehensive accounting & tax services package includes the following:

  • Comprehensive risk analysis for making the right decision about financial investments, or the conclusion of contracts.
  • Support and assistance in accounting
  • Consulting on expansion/contraction and transformation of a company.
  • Preparation and support during inspections of state agencies.
  • Informing about all changes in legislation.
  • Development of a comprehensive financial strategy for the company.

What do such services give for business?

Taking advantage of accounting & tax services from professionals, you can get:

  • Possibility to save money by applying tax optimization schemes (only legal ones);
  • Significant reduction of any risks, both in cooperation with partners and clients and from our own mistakes;
  • Assistance in the matters of interaction with government services.

As a rule, the cost of accounting services starts from 300 euros, and the cost of a consultation is from 50 euros.

Accounting and tax services of Valen company

All our accountants and financial consultants have a sufficient level of knowledge of Russian legislation and extensive practical experience. Besides, another significant advantage of the Valen company is that you pay exclusively for the work performed and the time spent, that is, there is no need to hire a full-time accountant if you need this specialist for 10 hours a month. You фpay only for the specific service provided.

If you have any questions regarding accounting and taxes, call us, or write using our form on the website. We will be glad to help and advise you. Or you can address our specialist in person in our office in Moscow and discuss the topic of your interest there.

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