Registration in Russia

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The business intends to invest additional funds in the development of entrepreneurship: more than half rely on themselves, about 15 percent on credit funds. This is reported by AliExpress Russia in its research.

It is obvious that merchants see the prospects for the development of entrepreneurship in Russia and are investing more and more in the Russian economy every year.

The most convenient and promising way to start a business is to open a company.

Registration of a new business takes 5 working days.

VALEN’s lawyers will provide a turnkey company registration service: we will prepare a full package of documents, provide a legal address, go through the necessary stages of approving the registration of a new business.

It will not be a problem if the owners of the company are abroad, having received a power of attorney on your behalf, we will be able to represent the interests of your business in the state authorities of Russia, obtain documents on the state registration of the company and prepare the necessary documents for opening a bank account.

We will be glad to see you among the new customers of VALEN company.