The Best eCommerce Companies in Russia 2022

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When we talk about eCommerce companies in Russia, it goes without saying how they’ve soared in popularity in recent years (thanks to the impact of global internet access). We are witnessing immense growth, success, and more demand for Russian eCommerce companies. 

However, with significant demand comes excellent competition too. It does become tiresome to choose a good eCommerce platform when almost every one of them claims to be the greatest and has features unique compared to their rivals. Allow ClickPost to be your guide for today and assist you in looking at the best eCommerce companies in Russia.

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With more eCommerce businesses being built in Russia, it’s only natural for formidable competition. To choose from these companies, you’ll have to gander at how unique and better one company is than the other. To give you a hand, this article will look at these ten best companies in Russia for eCommerce and their unique customer service and satisfaction approaches.

Wildberries eCommerce Company In Russia

Wildberries is an online corporation headquartered in Moscow. The company has been operational since 2004 and offers its services in 14 other countries. They offer a catalog of more than 40,000 famous brands with various apparel, cosmetics, household products, electronics, and more. 

Wildberries even surpassed the leading eCommerce business, Ulmart, as Russia’s largest online retailer. The company’s sales grew dynamically by 95% in two years outside Russia. In addition, the company’s turnover was seen to be doubled, reaching 437.2 billion rubles (about $5.81 billion).


Tatyana Bakalchuk

Products, Services, and Benefits

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Electronics, Goods for children, Goods for sports and presents.

Ozon Ecommerce Service Provider In Russia

Ozon is another major market player in the eCommerce industry of Russia. Established in 1998, Ozon has 23 years of market experience. It’s among the most valuable Russian Internet companies, as stated by Forbes. They offer an extensive diversity of goods. 

They deliver across 11 time zones in Russia and even operate their own logistics management platform for delivery services. Ozon serves more than 21 billion regular customers monthly, with 90 million active users. In addition to this, the platform’s number of sellers also quadrupled during 4Q20 compared to the previous year. 


Alexander Egorov, Reksoft, Wouter van der Wiel

Products, Services, and Benefits

Electronics, Cloth, Shoes, house and garden, children’s goods, beauty and health

DNS eCommerce Platform In Russia

Next up on our list is DNS. The exciting part about this platform is the unique dashboard that allows you to see how many items are currently in stock. It also includes which products in stock are up for sale or have extra benefits upon purchase. They have over a hundred thousand products, ranging from automobile parts to simple home appliances.


Aleksei Popov

Products, Services, and Benefits

Home appliances, multimedia, auto parts, office tools, home decor, accessories, etc.

Mykonos Ecommerce Website In Russia

Utkonos was founded two decades ago and is an excellent option as an eCommerce platform in Russia for buying groceries and home improvement items. They specialize in delivering groceries, food, and a few other vendor services. They are acquired by Lenta but still have their platform where anyone can buy groceries with ease. They also have an app that users can download for a better experience. Overall, the platform is quite renowned for its heavy discount rates.


Danny Perekalsky

Products, Services, and Benefits

Groceries, retail services, food

Next up is Citilink, an online enterprise that deals majorly in Russia. Whether it be electronics, gadgets, or services such as installations of equipment or home appliances, they have it all. Citilink’s wide range of products and services make it a common eCommerce platform for all to use. In addition, they also state their delivery hours for specific locations in Russia to help the buyer place orders accordingly. Deliveries are always the same, regardless of any day or holiday.


Mikhail Slavinskiy

Products, Services, and Benefits

Household gadgets and Computers

video Russian eCommerce Company 

If you’re a retailer selling home appliances and electronics, this platform is for you. One of the oldest companies on the list is video. This enterprise collaborates with two big companies, M.Video and Eldorado, that help users buy electronics from their stores. This company has been operating in Russia since 1993 and has reported steady success rates ever since. 

In short, this company is the most significant player in Russia in electronic retail that runs 379 brands and is spread out in 161 cities in Russia. Also, it’s one of the few companies that suffered during the pandemic but managed to recover quickly. 


Alexander Tynkovan

Products, Services, and Benefits


Apteka Ecommerce Website In Russia

The seventh listed company is Apteka, the highest-earning e-pharmacy app in Russia. According to reports, this online business had a 27.6 billion Russian rubles gross sales volume. Apteka ranked the highest due to their user-friendly mobile application and providing users medicines at a cheaper cost than other websites. This company exclusively enables local pharmacy stores or visiting shops in Russia. 



Products, Services, and Benefits


Lamoda eCommerce Company In Russia

When eCommerce in Russia is in the picture, it’s a must to mention Lamoda. The company has been around for a decade and specializes in delivering the best clothes online. They have a unique system where you can try on a product at arrival and check if it fits. If it doesn’t, you don’t need to pay at all! They’ve also joined hands with thousands of brands to offer men, women, and children the best clothing.


Alex Boch, Burkhard Binder, Florian Jansen, Niels Tonsen

Products, Services, and Benefits


Yandex market Ecommerce Service Provider In Russia

Yandex market is one of the most popular online marketplaces in Russia. They allow users to search, compare and buy products from online and offline retailers along with small or large eCommerce websites too. When it comes to purchasing products from 2500 categories, users can check for delivery or pickup options depending on the type of retailer. 

This company has remarkably created an extensive audience base. Its reach is quite massive as they get around 4 million users daily while their monthly visitors range more than 20 million. However, the company was split in 2020 and relaunched itself as Beru.


Arkady Volozh

Products, Services, and Benefits


Simaland eCommerce Company In Russia

We all know the price benefits of shopping in a wholesale market; this next company sells wholesale goods worldwide, including Russia. Simaland was established in 2000 and successfully ran for the past two decades, making it the largest wholesale company in Russia. 

Apart from their many achievements, Simaland has managed to sell more than a million products from their website alone, ranging from around 38 different categories on a global scale. Also, Simaland has branches in India Europe and plans to increase its reach to the United States of America.


John Doe 

Products, Services, and Benefits

Clothes, Home Appliances, Cosmetics, Electronics and Healthcare products 

Top 15 Key Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best eCommerce Company in Russia

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you have a few questions in mind before hurrying to a decision. It’s best to look at different aspects of a platform before setting your heart on it. Whether it be the best prices, customer support, or quick deliveries, there are a good amount of things to contemplate on. 

The most critical part consumers online should (and do) notice is the look and usability. No one likes jumping in on a site that looks like it’s from the 90s. A simple navigation system and good visuals are vital components that every good eCommerce site should provide.

Another critical segment and feature for an eCommerce platform is security. If there are no proper guidelines or protocols for payments, frauds might exploit this loophole. Moreover, an eCommerce company is often a common target for scammers; thus, it can be risky for both owners and customers. 

This is why internet safety should be a key component to look for in an eCommerce website. Try to look for the security protocols and layers of a platform before handing out any information.

Budgets are essential for all companies (even more so for startups), and staying within one can be a demanding task. This factor affects every entrepreneur directly since getting more things done at a cheaper rate is a priority for every firm to do good business. This is where you need to think deeply and only select a platform that gives you what you need as a priority and shops for the best prices from there.

Online marketplaces have boomed in the past decade, especially after the covid-19 pandemic accelerated its growth and reached worldwide. This also increased the need for good support.

Generally, an eCommerce website must solve issues or clear doubts that you may have while selling your products. In addition, technical support for plugins or other needs is vital too.

Besides designs and themes, an essential component for any website is staying updated with the latest trends. Keep an eye out for platforms that constantly update how you can edit your online store’s look and features.

Abandoned carts are an anti-climatic event to witness. However, eliminating one of the reasons it may be happening can help. Many consumers tend to be overwhelmed by the shipping charges sites offer. This, in turn, causes them to exit the site and look for a better deal. 

Look for a platform that provides reasonable shipping rates and delivers products quickly. You can also find a company that enables you to integrate (more on this later) with other firms’ to get the best deals with shipping businesses.

The more, the merrier; this quote also applies to online marketplaces when observing its categories. Look for a place where you can put up several types of your niche products at no additional costs or limits.

Before you finalize a platform to display your products, ensure to run a quick check on their history, we’ve seen outlets in Russia shut down entirely in the past due to disputes amongst shareholders.

Restricting customers to a single mode of payment is another reason which leads to abandoned carts. Not every buyer can have a credit card or pay through cash. Ensure that the platform you pick from the top eCommerce companies in Russia allows buyers to check out multiple ways.

How do you know how well your product is performing in the market? The answer is simple, analytics. This tool gives vital business insights, reports on top products, and many such data or statistics to help sellers create a better approach and necessary changes on their online store.

This may not be the most demanding feature from an eCommerce platform, but it is something you should not miss out on if given the opportunity.

In today’s world, following the latest trends is a must to survive in an online business; however, these will not help you get good revenue. Hence, you should look for sites that allow such customizations to attract niche-based customers and help each venture be unique.

If your business faces vast amounts of traffic, you’ll want to pay good attention to this point. Even if your customer base isn’t extensive, chances are, your servers will crash one day. 

During website server crashes, people can’t access your products until fixed. Fixing it can sometimes take hours, half, or an entire day. We wouldn’t keep customers away for that long now, would we? This situation calls for a platform that can handle vast amounts of traffic with good tech support in case of crashes. 

What if you could sell your product and ship it through DHL? Or maybe use MailChimp for marketing? But, all in one place? When selecting the best eCommerce businesses, look for one that lets you add necessary plugin tools with many companies. In addition, an essential feature to look for is mobile searches, as they can account for more than half of all traffic you get.

So, what can we do to make their experience better? Please give them a website they’ll want to visit again and again! Look at how a platform displays your business on mobile and choose the most mobile-friendly one and gain the upper hand against competitors who don’t.

Certain restrictions don’t allow businesses to showcase their products as they wish to. 

This can range from allowing only a certain amount of orders in a month, adding extra charges for essential tools, or even a lack of customization options. Platforms that enable you to do business freely with a wide range of facilities at no extra charges are always the better option.

Final Words 

To wrap up, these were the top 10 eCommerce companies in Russia that have been successfully facilitating retailers over the years, wholesalers to sell their products online globally. These companies have unique features, different from their competitors, which make it tough to select just one. This helps have an online presence to reach a more extensive global audience. As a result, eCommerce has played a significant role in marketing opportunities and streamlining production and service delivery.

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