Purchase Shelf Company in Russia

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The shelf company is registered, incorporated, and sold through accounting or law corporations. 

The most important advantage of a purchase shelf company is that it can start its business activity after being purchased by an investor. If you are interested in opening a business in Russia, our team in Russia can help you gain a shelf company here.

Shelf Company
Shelf Company
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Primary elements of a shelf company in Russia

Usually, a shelf company in Russia is incorporated as a limited liability company or private joint-stock company. The company has founding members, directors, and a registered address in Russia and it can be set up by either an individual or a legal entity. Our team can offer you more details about this type of company, but you should understand that the buying process requires signing a share purchase contract. Buying a shelf company can also offer time-saving advantages, otherwise spent with choosing a market, applying a business plan, and including the company. 

Documents received when buying a shelf company 

You can set up your business in Russia after the purchase of the shelf company. When buying a company here, you have to receive the following documents: 

  • Certificate of Inclusion, issued by the State Register;
  • Certificate of Registration, issued by the Taxing Authority;
  • documents attesting the opening of the settlement account;
  • documents attesting the legal address of the company;
  • the seal of the company;
  • a license, which attests to the right to legally perform the business activity in which the shelf company is incorporated.

In Russia, it is forbidden to have as a legal address for the company the address of a residential settlement. The address displayed in the records has to be approved by the Russian tax authorities

If you want to register a company in Russia and you also want to employ foreign citizens, the company must have an actual office, as the Migration Law in Russia states that foreign individuals must have a working permit to be allowed to work here. Here is an infographic with details about shelf companies in Russia:

Purchase Shelf Company in Russia
Purchase Shelf Company in Russia

Who can buy vintage companies in Russia?

Shelf companies in Russia can be bought by local and foreign entrepreneurs looking for a fast start on the market, without having to wait for all the incorporation procedures. The ownership transfer needs to be evaluated at the time a shelf company is bought in Russia

This is often the option of foreign investors who would rather skip any courtesies linked to company registration in Russia and instead purchase a ready-made company in Russia

How fast can I buy a shelf company in Russia?

The process of ownership transfer of a shelf company starts instantly, as soon as you made a request to our company formation representatives in Russia. You can buy a shelf company within a few days, as soon as the documents are obtained by the Trade Register in Russia.

Is there any risk when purchasing a shelf company in Russia?

No, vintage companies in Russia are not subject to risks, and because such a company is already registered, it has no operations and therefore no debts or liabilities registered. 

Ready-made companies in Russia are kept on a shelf until they age and until someone buys them. 

However, if you consider a double check on the shelf company in Russia, you might be curious about a company due to the diligence procedure. 

This is a process that reveals whether a company has problems or not if it has debts or not. You may request a company due to diligence procedure from our consultants prior to the purchase of a shelf company in Russia.

Traveling to Russia for buying a vintage company – is it necessary?

No, there is no requirement to travel to Russia to buy a shelf company, as the entire procedure can be conducted and managed by our team in Russia. 

The only thing left for you to do is to send us a set of notarized documents and the power of attorney, in order for our consultants to commence the procedure of purchasing the ready-made company in Russia

Grounds for buying a ready-made company in Russia

shelf company in Russia can be bought for many considerations, but the main objective of an entrepreneur is to establish your business presence in a fast manner without waiting for the entire incorporation process. Having no operations make shelf companies top choices for foreign investors looking for a business in Russia

Also, vintage companies can activate in the particular sector you are interested in in Russia. Because there are no debts or liabilities, shelf companies in Russia are chosen by many entrepreneurs wanting a safe business environment. Furthermore, there is no need to consider the incorporation formalities and the time spent until the company is registered, and that because the shelf companies are already registered in Russia. If you would like to know more about how you can buy a shelf company in Russia, do not hesitate to address your questions and inquiries to our team of consultants in Russia.

FAQ about shelf companies in Russia

1. Is it necessary to travel to Russia to buy a shelf company?

No, there is no need to travel to Russia for purchasing a vintage company, as our company formation specialists can take care of the formalities involved in the ownership transfer. 

2. How rapidly can I start the business in Russia?

In most cases, it takes a few days until the documents are supported and until the ownership is settled.

3. Does a shelf company have debts?

No, vintage companies have no functions in Russia, so there are no debts involved.

4. Who can buy shelf companies in Russia?

Anyone interested in having a business in Russia can purchase a shelf company, therefore there are no restrictions for foreigners.

5. Are there any fees involved for vintage companies in Russia?

The ownership transfer of a shelf company in Russia might be subject to certain expenses for which information you can receive from our consultants.