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Key For Open company in Russia

This short article will teach you a simple technique for opening a company in Russia. This process can be time-consuming and require some paperwork, but it is possible to get started without too much difficulty. A few tips on getting started are included below.

  • When starting your own business, one of the most important things you can do is research your competition. By understanding what they’re doing well and where they’re falling short, you can develop a strategy to edge out your rivals.

When choosing a location for your business in Russia, it is important to take into account the various legal and fiscal requirements that must be met. In general, opening a company in Moscow or Saint Petersburg will be more complicated and costly than in other regions, but there are a number of other important factors to consider, such as access to transportation and other facilities.

  • Prepare Your Business Plan

Before opening your business in Russia, it is essential to create a business plan. This document will outline your goals and objectives for your company, as well as the strategies you will use to achieve them. Make sure to include detailed estimates of the costs and time needed to achieve your goals.

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Starting business in Russia

Steps for opening company in Russia

There exist two methods for registering an LLC company in Russia. Independently or entrusting this task to specialized companies.

In the first case, you need to:

  • collect a set of documents and submit them to the Federal Tax Service;
  • to fofill application on form R11001;
  • pay the state fee (4000 rubles and higher).

In the second method, i.e., specialized company support, you will save time preparing documents and their registration payment of state fees. However, there is a risk of communication with scammers and disclosure of personal data like passport details and other important information. Before you start cooperation with a specialized company in Moscow or other cities, study its information: how many years it is in the market, where it is located, and lookup for reviews on the web.

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Chose the specifics of the business for LLC company

This is the stage of registration of an LLC in Russia, where it is required to identify several important points:

  • Name of the enterprise: you need to consider the name of the LLC company, both in Russian and in English. It should be unique. You can inspect it online in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. If you have discovered an LLC company with an identical name, it is better to reach up for another name;

The legal address of the LLC company: registration of the LLC company with the legal address in the Russian Federation carries a place in the tax examination.

There are three methods to get a legal address for a company:

  • lease or purchase an apartment/office/room where you plan to accommodate the staff;
  • to enlist the company at the home address of the founder or director of the LLC company.
  • sign an agreement with the postal secretary service for the provision of a legal address in Moscow or another city in the country;

OKVED activity code: when enlisting an LLC company in Russia, it is important to determine what type of business you will be doing. The activity code is established from the OKVED classifier. It is freely available;

Authorized capital: before you enlist an LLCcompany with the legal address of the Russian Federation, you need to resolve what official capital your enterprise will have. This is the amount deposited into the business structure’s current bank account. The minimum is 10,000 rubles. You can either deposit money or leave the property as collateral. This can be done before or after you submit the documents for registration of the LLC company or within four months;

Preparation of papers for opening an LLC company. You should own it in your hands: 1) the conclusion of the sole founder of the company or the minutes of the meeting of founders of the open LLC company (in writing); 2) the approved Articles of Association of the open LLC company; 3) the agreement on the establishment (this paragraph is relevant if there are two or more founders ).

You can prepare these documents for registration of an new LLC company in Russia both independently, using online services, and with the support of our company. We will make sure that all the documents are correct.

Fill in the application form P11001

This is one of the main documents submitted to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate for registration of LLC in the Russian Federation. The signature of the Applicant is put in the presence of a tax inspector or a notary (if the registration of an LLC in the Russian Federation takes place by agreement).

Fees to State

One of the big questions is how extensively it costs to register an new LLC company with a legal address in Russia. Currently, it is correlated to the minimum amount of payment appointed by the state and is 4 000 rubles. To complete a deposit, you must fill out a permit manually and transfer the funds to the account of the registration authority.

Collect the required package of documents and submit it

List of documents required for opening of LLC company in Russia:

  • application filled in according to form P11001;
  • decision of the founder or minutes of the meeting of founders of the LLC company;
  • articles of Association of the LLC company in Russia;
  • receipt for payment of state fee for opening llc company;
  • documents that confirm the existence of a legal address for LLC company in Russia;
  • notification of the choice of a specific taxation system for newley opened LLC company in Russia.

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