Business manager service in Russia

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How service of Business manager work?

  • Business manager is a special service for companies Entering the Russian Federation, along with a Legal and accounting support. We will offer special person which will take care off employees’ recruitment, customs clarifications and etc.
  • Benefit for companies is that in entering stage is a lot of open questions, and time is of essence for company to start working as soon is possible.

What is include in service and can we add services on later stages? 

  • Service include
    • Process of staff and shared process management employment
    • Searching and acquiring Office and Warehouse premises
    • Dealing with Customs and clearing all question which will come from this correspondence to make successful import of goods.
    • Handling licensing of products imported to Russian market
    • Identification of potential go-to-market partners.
    • Representative programs
    • Development of product portfolio and pricing.
    • Logistic management
  • It is possible to add additional services regarding business manager. Depends on the structure of business.

How to start cooperation? 

  • Set clear goals and objectives. In order to work towards a shared goal, you need a clearly defined goal. It’s a simple practice, but make sure that your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based).
  • Set clear goals for each task, with deadlines, and give them the tools to achieve them. Give staff members the information they need to do their job, and then allow them autonomy. To work as a cohesive team, managers and partners need to take their responsibility to junior team members as seriously as they expect in reverse.
  • Give team members the ability to access the expertise and resources they need. If a team member needs input from someone else, either within or outside the project team, this needs to happen rapidly. Any blockers in the project’s progress need to be quickly reported to the senior partner on the case and resolved. More junior team members’ needs are just as important, and if senior level staff are putting them to the bottom of the queue this needs to be resolved with the senior staff. Equally, if a client is answering emails from senior staff, but ignoring juniors, this needs to be resolved in a way that allows the staff member to achieve their goals.
  • Consistently gather feedback on both the progression of the goal, and the effectiveness of collaboration. If you have delegated correctly, and given people the tools they need, you then need to hold them accountable for achieving their objectives. One of the reasons managers can be reluctant to give autonomy is for fear that bad work will be missed. Regular feedback ensures that any issues with achieving objectives are caught early, external blockers are removed, and any performance management issues aren’t allowed to fester. Managers often find that they are more rather than less able to manage performance in a collaborative environment.

Feedback can also identify when the flow of work moves from one person to another and ensure that transitions are made smoothly.

  1. Use collaboration tools to make communication more effective.
  2. Review each project when completed to identify future improvement areas. The best time to do this is within a week of the main body of work being completed, so that it is fresh in everybody’s minds.

For how long we need business manager?

This depends on number of tasks which is agreed. But our experience is 6 to 12 months. Sometimes this service is more cost efficient then inhouse team. For small and medium enterprises this service can be out source as a long term agreement

What this service brings to clients is:

  • Reducing costs
  • Getting all necessary information from person which is locally in Russia
  • Having support from foreigner person which knows specifics of Russian market

It is possible to make Tailor made package from services mention below:

  • company budgets,
  • communicate ideas between upper management(HQ) and company employees
  • conduct performance reviews for employees.
  • Lead employees in accordance with company goals and values.
  • Come up with training programs to help employees learn how to use new equipment or software and address employee complaints made to HR.

Especially important during first year after market entering.

Usual package can include following services:

  • Staff and shared process management
    • Looking for employees of any level.
    • Formalizing hiring process
  • Office and Warehouse premises
    • Searching for Office premises with partner brokers
    • Searching for Warehouse premises with partner brokers
    • Negotiation for Office and warehouse premises
    • Adapting office and warehouse premises to clients needs
  • Customs
    • Creating passport of products
    • Creating documentation for passport of products
    • Applying to authorities on passport of products
    • Clearing documentation with customs
  • Licensing of products imported to Russian market
  • Specialized equipment needs special permits from authorities
  • Identifying which licensing is need
    • Creating documentation for applying for licensing.
    • Applying for licensing.
  • Identification of potential go-to-market partners.
    • We can offer service of searching and negotiations to potential B2B buyers
    • Representative programs:   

Working with customers’ requests in Russian language,

  • Sales business development representation.
  • Replying to e mail request in Russian language and monitoring request.
  • Development of Internet presents through customized web sites in Russian language
  • Development of product portfolio and pricing.
  • Calculate product price.
  • Determines which products can be accepted from market.
  • Logistic management
    • product features.
    • packaging.
    • labelling.
    • pricing.
    • branding;
    • business practices;
    • Logistics needs, including:
    • transportation of products;
    • documentation;
    • packing;
    • storage en-route;