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In more uncomplicated terms, an interim manager is a highly experienced and specialized manager whom you can employ for a short time to solve a specific business problem. He or she is a master project manager who will not only give you advice but also 

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An Interim is hired to do the best for the business with no disguised agenda. Interim Managers carry customized models/project management frameworks that are tailored to individual business needs. Interim Managers offer cost-effective solutions and usually at half the day rate of traditional consulting houses.

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Personal Income Tax Rate13.00Dec 2021
Sales Tax Rate20.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate30.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate For Companies30.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate For Employees0.00Dec 2021

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An interim CEO is an individual selected by a company’s board of directors to take the role of the chief executive officer during a time of transition or as the effect of the sudden release of the company’s previous CEO

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Having a Russian passport can give more opportunity to the foreigners and be the subject of great importance. We spoke to foreigners who permanently lives in Russia to define what does it mean for them to have Russian citizenship. Most of them told that it will give them more security, confidence and ability to build long-term plans.

Russian citizens have guarantee to come back to Russia after living abroad or visiting foreign country. This rule provided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation according to which: every Russian citizen has right to leave Russia free and return free to Russia. 

The foreigners haven’t got such privilege, even if they have valid residence permit. If you consider Russian your permanent home, only citizenship provides stability and give you guarantee always be admitted in at the border. This problem became especially actual for many foreigners because of the Covid-ban. When it comes for travel restrictions, usually only the citizens can come back to Russia without difficulties.

Having a permanent residence permit is good enough, but there are some inconveniences. Like you need to have the registration, you need to provide regular confirmation of your place of residence and permanent income.  

When you hold Russian citizenship you can get loans, credit cards, mortgage, free medical insurance, child birth benefit, tax returns on mortgage. In general, Russian citizenship opens up many opportunities for a foreigner who permanently lives in Russia.

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