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Our law firm in Russia provides legal service and advice to all customers, no matter their problems or questions. To meet our client’s anticipations, we have gathered a team of lawyers, accountants, financial and management professionals to assist in all legal and financial fields.

Valen Group is one of the significant law firms in Russia. The firm has prioritized treating clients like partners with a long tradition of offering customized business registration solutions to foreign investors. The firm can also provide clients with a wide range of legal services in various areas of the law.

Valen Group provides service since 2012.

Russian lawyers

Russia Law Firm

As one of the biggest countries in the world, Russia has significant potential for investment and employment. However, it is imperative to get acquainted with the legal aspects of doing business in Russia or working in a regional company. Before proceeding here, foreign citizens moving to Russia should also verify all the visa requirements and relocation procedures.

Our Russian lawyers are always prepared to respond to clients’ inquiries and develop solutions to the most challenging situations. We are also prepared to provide legal assistance in litigation matters, and we are always up to date with the most recent laws to deliver quality services to our customers. 

Litigation cases can represent a hassle without adequate support. Our attorneys in Russia will offer you legal advice and representation in litigation matters based on years of expertise. Considering the latest arbitration and mediation directions, our lawyers in Russia will recommend the method to achieve the desired result. 

We also invite you to watch our video on the legal services we offer in Russia:

Assistance in gathering debts in Russia

With many years of experience behind, our team of Russian lawyers can help local and foreign individuals and companies to collect outstanding debts.

The debt collection procedure in Russia is not complicated; the friendly approach usually renders quick results. However, there are several steps to be completed to have successful outcomes.

The attorneys from our law firm in Russia describe below the steps connected to the recovery of debt on behalf of our possible clients:

  •  we will first reach the debtor and inform them about the outstanding amount of money;
  •  who will then send a reminding or dunning letter or email to the debtor;
  •  we will also send the invoice(s) or other documents showing the amount left to pay;
  •  we will agree with both the client and the debtor on the period to pay the debt.

If we cannot amicably recover the debt, we will also aid a Russian court’s legal procedures related to the debt collection process.

With a vast knowledge of both the Russian laws and culture, our lawyer in Russia can assist clients in this type of litigation process.

Types of companies in Russia

To register a company in Russia, investors must foremost decide on the type of company they want to function. From this point of view, foreign enterprisers can select from the following types of the company presented by the attorneys from our law firm in Russia:

  1. Sole proprietorships which are available for single enterprisers interested in setting up small businesses or offering professional services;
  2. The limited liability company which is the most popular type of company in Russia;
  3. The joint-stock company which can be registered as a private or public entity;
  4. The partnership can be general or limited and requires at least two founding members;
  5. The joint venture which is a type of association available for foreign companies interested in having a partnership with a local company;
  6. The cooperative has gained popularity among investors interested in the agriculture industry in Russia.


Assistance in opening a company in Russia

Russia has solid yet complicated legislation connected to foreign investments. However, many foreign entrepreneurs comprehend Russia’s vast possibilities and open companies here. By getting in touch with our lawyers in Russia, you will find that opening a company here implies several steps. Depending on the type of company, you will be subject to different requirements. Our lawyer in Russia will present you with the steps for company registration and represent you before the authorities to help you save time and focus on other essential aspects of your business. Our legal team will help you decide what the most suitable choice is by offering you all the details necessary to make an informed decision before starting the registration procedure. With the support of our lawyers in Russia, you will also benefit from assistance in accessing government funding according to the current legislation.

Guidance for business licensing procedures, provided by our lawyer in Russia

Starting a business in Russia is not as complex as a few years back, and foreign investors find it reasonably easy to set up companies here. One aspect that one should consider is applying for the necessary licenses and permits for doing business in Russia.

Foreign business owners can rely on our law firm in Russia for aid in applying for licenses:

  •  we can notify on the type or types of licenses and permits needed;
  •  we can instruct on the documents that need to be prepared for obtaining these licenses;
  •  we can administer in relation with specific authorities issuing such licenses;
  •  We can also oblige in the immediate start of the business.

Among the industries which require special licenses and permits, we remind the oil and gas sector, forestry, manufacturing, and energy.

Strike off a company with the aid of our law firm in Russia

Company liquidation can become complex and money-consuming if the procedure is not correctly handled from the beginning to the end. No matter why you decide to liquidate a company, the Russian Insolvency Law is very clear about actions to be followed when resorting to this measure. Whether voluntary or compulsory, you should know ahead of the solution and how our Russian attorneys will intervene. Together with a team of accountants, they will advise you on the course of action.

A professional recommendation in taxation matters in Russia

All companies must abide by the Russian Tax Code, which is why the advice of professionals is valuable. Our Tax lawyer in Russia will explain the financial requirements and tax benefits for local and foreign companies. To provide complete services, our lawyers work with experienced accountants who will prepare all financial balances required by the law.

Why choose our law firm in Russia?

With a deep understanding of most areas of the law, our Russian law firm is made up of professionals in corporate law, litigation, business consulting, debt collection, and many other legal branches. We have had long-term collaborations with international partners to expand our portfolio and offer top-quality services to our clients.

No matter the type of legal issue you face, you can find a suitable remedy for your problem by working with us.

Questions we frequently get from our clients

Many of our clients have questions regarding the legal services in Russia. Among the questions we usually answer are:

  • Can a law firm help me open a company in Russia?

                                       Yes, law firms can help local and foreign enterprises open companies in Russia.

  • Do you also deliver other legal services in Russia?

                                      Yes, we specialize in presenting various solutions related to corporate and civil matters.

  • Do you offer debt collection services in Russia?

                                     Our Russian lawyers can help individuals and companies recover debts through amicable and court proceedings.

  • Do you offer assistance in employment matters?

                                    Yes, we can help companies interested in hiring local and foreign employees. 

  • Can you help in buying a property in Russia?

                                  Our services related to buying real estate in Russia include drafting the sale-purchase agreement.

Our Russian litigation attorneys offer assistance in the following:

  •  real estate litigation, which our litigation attorneys in Russia can handle;
  •  business disputes – another area where our Russian lawyers can help;
  •  employment litigation, which falls under the provisions of the Russian Employment Code;
  •  intellectual-property conflicts, which can resolve through court litigation or arbitration.

You can also rely on us for service in other types of litigation cases in Russia. Contact our lawyer in Russia for more details.

Civil and criminal proceedings in Russia

Considering many cases are related to civil matters, most of the issues tried in Russian courts fall under the jurisdiction of the district and regional courts and those of arbitration courts. If any of these courts fail to give a fair sentence according to one of the parties involved in the procedure, the Russian Supreme Court can try the case. It is good to know that the ruling issued by this court will be definitive.

Criminal cases involve the resolution of topics related to financial crimes and situations comprised in the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation.

Another essential aspect of being considered is that Russian courts can acknowledge and recognize foreign judgments.

If you need representation in a civil case matter, our attorneys in Russia can help you.

Alternative dispute resolution methods in Russia

In the last few years, more and more individuals and companies have started to use alternative dispute resolution methods in Russia. The most common ones are arbitration and mediation.

Mediation is the simplest and fastest way to settle disputes outside a Russian court among these two procedures. Mediation implies for the parties in conflict to resolve the dispute without the presence of a judge. Mediation can mean several meetings of the parties involved in the debate and reaching an agreement that satisfies both parties’ requests.

On the other hand, arbitration implies the involvement of the Arbitration Court in Russia, a case in which a judge of the court will issue a verdict. Even if the procedure resembles one of a Russian court, arbitration is only obtainable in disputes of commercial matters.

Considering that commercial disputes often appear between companies, an agreement or clause must have been introduced in the contract in conflict for this procedure to be employed.

Our lawyer in Russia will offer you professional legal advice. Our team of professionals is always prepared to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for legal advice in civil proceedings or questions about opening a company in Russia.

Open a Company in Russia
Open a Company in Russia