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Tax audit in Russia

What is that?

Let’s start from the definition. What is that? Often such an audit is ordered before any audits of state authorities, and therefore Tax audit services are among relevant and demanded types of audit services.

The goal of this type of activity is to find the errors in tax accounting documents and develop measures to eliminate these. Usually, those ordering tax audit services are interested in risk-assessment of an enterprise and minimizing them. Tax audit clients receive professional advice on correcting the errors in accounting and reporting documents, and reducing any risks associated with taxes.

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When does one need tax audit services?

These serveces are ordered in the following cases:

  • before any tax audits;
  • when checking the accounting results;
  • when assessing possible tax risks;
  • when optimizing taxation;
  • identification of errors in the calculations;
  • when setting up specialized tax accounting systems, etc.

This lind of audit is a specific check of an company accounting system for:

  • compliance with the requirements of the current taxation laws;
  • correct maintaining of tax registers;
  • compliance of local accounting with tax legislation;
  • correcly chosen taxation base for all types of taxes, calculation, and tax payment as well as fees for a certain period of time;
  • checking the status of payments for budget foundations;
  • ability of taxation base reduction in accordance with the current federal and locallaws, etc.

A tax audit is necessary not only for an operating enterprise, it is indispensable when setting up a new business, at the time of planning and calculating future income and expenses, so as not to receive unexpected expenses.

A timely tax audit of the planned business will help to avoid negative consequences. Tax planning should become an integral part of management. These are the basic tax audit elements:

  • preliminary examination of the taxation system of an economic entity;
  • confirmation of correct tax calculating and payment, as well as checking fees paid by a company to a budget;
  • correct registering and presenting the tax audit results.
  • performance by the organization of the functions of a tax agent;
  • facts of registration with tax authorities and state funds, etc.

As a result of ordering tax audit services, you get these result:

  • Tax risks of your company will be minimized
  • A comprehensive audit of accounting and reporting of your company
  • A thorough study of the taxation base in your company
  • Recommendations of certified auditors regarding the procedure for calculating taxes
  • Detailed report to management with audit findings

Tax audit services from Valen Company

When ordering Tax audit services from us, you can be sure of the professionalism of our specialists and the relevance of their knowledge. 

Our lawyers have extensive experience working with both private and large corporate clients. They are well versed in all the intricacies of Russian legislation and will help you get the desired result, pass any test and protect yourself from any possible fines and other unpleasant consequences. This way you get the best price-quality-time-spent balance possible.

You can contact us using the contact form on our website, or by calling us on the phone, by email, or just visit our office in Moscow and ask any question you are interested in life. 

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