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Ask around among your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to see if they know of any attorneys they could suggest. Individual references can be some of the most reliable connections you will find.

You can also ask a lawyer you know and trust, even if they don’t practice in the area of law in which you need legal help. They may be capable of recommending colleagues who can handle your case.

Send Request

This is one of the main documents submitted to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate for registration of LLC in the Russian Federation. The signature of the Applicant is put in the presence of a tax inspector or a notary (if the registration of an LLC in the Russian Federation takes place by agreement).

  • Do you supply a free consultation? If not, how much does the initial interview cost?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How broadly experience do you have in matters like mine, and more importantly, what were the effects of those cases?
  • Have you ever been the subject of disciplinary action?
  • What are your expenses? What services are contained? How do you anticipate being paid (lump sum, installments, etc.)? Are your prices or fee system negotiable?
  • What is your caseload presently like? Do you have the time to commit to my case?

One method to get a feel for an attorney’s practice is to be observant when you go for your first consultation. Please take particular note of the way their office is run, whether there is sufficient aid staff, and how professionally you are treated. Please pay attention to factors such as how long it took the attorney to return your initial contact. Ultimately, perhaps the most important thing to consider when hiring a lawyer is to follow your intuition.

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