Work permit

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Work permit Russia

Foreigners that are going to work legally in Russia are obliged to obtain an appropriate Russia work permit. There is a standard process for those wanting to obtain a Russia work permit visa.

For instance, a person first receives a confirmation from Russian authorities allowing a limited staying in it.

For example, work under a contract.

After at least 1 year of permanent residence in the Russian Federation, a person collects the required documents and submits them to the state migration service.

But, there is also a simplified scheme for some cases.

Work permit (regardless of the procedure) from 550 euro
Invitation for work visa from 350 euro
Invitation for business visa
Single-entry / double-entry for the period up to 90 days from 300 euro
Multi-entry for the period of 6 months from 350 euro
Multi-entry for the period of 1 year from 500 euro

The possibilities of a work permit

Work permit Russia allows a person to get almost all the rights that native Russians have, except for participation in elections and working at strategic military factories.

Getting this document, can be considered the 1st step towards obtaining Russian citizenship.

But in any case, a residence permit allows you to live in peace and work here as long as you want.

Foreigners with this document:

  • can legally receive wages;
  • their labor rights are legally protected;
  • they get a paid vacation.

A foreign citizen can work in almost any Russian company, in any region (except for military factories and other strategic facilities).

Person with Russia open work permit is allowed to choose a city for living.

But there’s a limitation – a Russian resident cannot stay outside the country for more than 6 months per year (in total), otherwise, his work permit may be canceled.

hen you cannot get a Russian open work permit

There are some cases when you can’t get the document. The reason for Russian authorities to deny a foreign citizen is as follows:

  • Collaboration with a terrorist organization, or extremist activities.
  • Danger to national security.
  • Forgery or false information is provided to government agencies.
  • Deportation (not earlier than 5 years before obtaining the work permit).
  • A court decision stating that a foreigner is found guilty of a grave or especially grave crime (no matter in which country).
  • Committing administrative violations (more than once during the year).
  • Lack of source of income.
  • Lack of a place of permanent residence.
  • Departure from Russia for permanent residence.
  • If a person married native Russian (fictive marriage).

In all the above situations, the Russian migration authority will refuse to provide you a work permit.

Features of obtaining a work permit

When a local (Russian) company hires a foreign citizen with a work permit in Russia.

This company is obliged to notify the appropriate Russian authorities,

The Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at the foreigner’s place of work.

In all other respects, the employment process does not differ from the same process for locals. An employer also withholds income tax at the standard rate (13% of the salary of a foreigner), plus all contributions to various funds of Russia, as provided by local law.

The residence permit is issued on an unlimited basis.

Document will need to be updated:

  • When a foreign citizen becomes 25 and 45 (to replace the photo with a more relevant one);
  • For example when permit is damaged and unreadable;
  • There are significant data changes;
  • In addition when inaccuracies or errors were found in the provided information.

Thanks to the available opportunities, a work permit appears to be an excellent solution for people planning long-term working in Russia.

Our specialists have the necessary level of qualifications and sufficient experience to help you with obtaining of Russia work permit visa.

With our help, you are guaranteed to get the result as soon as possible.