Top managers foreigners about Moscow

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Expats talk about the pros and cons of the city.

According to global rating data, Moscow in 2020 entered the top 20 cities that represent the greatest attractiveness for foreigners. During the study, experts conducted a survey among 15,000 foreigners working in 181 countries.

The quality of urban life (safety, health, ecology, climate, transport), the level of comfort and hospitality for foreign citizens, career and financial prospects, as well as housing affordability were evaluated. The top three most cities are: Valencia, Alicante, Lisbon. Moscow is in 17th place in the ranking, having improved its position by 36 places compared to 2019.

Foreigners agree that over the past few years Moscow has become better, safer, cleaner, more European, thanks to the reconstruction of industrial zones. New public spaces, family establishments, restaurants are appearing on the site of the former factory. The city has become more comfortable for cycling and jogging. Foreigners are also pleased with great opportunities for study and self-development. In Moscow, you can play sports under the guidance of an Olympic champion, and vocals – with an artist of the Bolshoi Theater. The choice of services is large, the prices are affordable.

The quality of roads and pedestrian sidewalks has improved, there are many restaurants with a pleasant atmosphere, affordable prices and quality food that can satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. One of the main disadvantages of foreigners is the lack of parking spaces in the city center, as well as their high cost. Also, many expats from southern countries in Moscow do not have enough sunny days.

However, Moscow remains a city of great opportunities, the main thing is to find your niche, a circle of trusted people, and be ready to work hard. Many expats face problems such as the lack of a well-thought-out strategy, as well as a thirst for fast money, but this era is long behind us. Perhaps it is for this reason that a large number of foreign citizens have left Moscow recently. Nevertheless, Moscow, like New York, as well as other megacities have similar problems – traffic jams, ecology, overpopulation.

Transport and infrastructure are developing at a rapid pace, thanks to this, the quality of life in the city has increased markedly. Carsharing is developing as rapidly as in Europe. The driving culture has become more civilized. Ecology, time in traffic jams and Moscow distances should be considered as a kind of price that you have to pay for the opportunities that Moscow provides.