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Representative offices are accredited for 1, 2, or 3 years. The term of accreditation of a representative office is specified in the permit for its establishment. Upon a solution of a foreign legal entity, operations of a representative office in Russia can be closed before the expiry of accreditation. A foreign legal entity should notify the FBI SRC with the Russian Ministry of Justice of the decision. Upon receiving the notification, the FBI SRC with the Russian Ministry of Justice organizes official notification letters regarding termination of activities for submission to the tax, customs, and migration authorities of the Russian Federation.

When a representative office is closed down, its permit for the establishment and a certificate of inclusion in the State Register of accredited representative offices of foreign companies in the Russian Federation are subject to return to the FBI SRC with the Russian Ministry of Justice and seals and stamps are subject to return for further liquidation.

Accreditation cards should be returned to the FBI SRC with the Russian Ministry of Justice.

Notification letters about termination of activities of a representative office are drawn up within 18 days, starting from the day a complete set of documents is provided. 

If required, who may reduce this period to 3 working days?

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  • A notice of  termination of activities of a representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Russian Federation(filed in printed form, signed by an authorized person, it shall contain the number of the permit l for the establishment of a representative office, its issue and expiry date and the grounds for the termination of activities of a representative office)

  • A certified copy of the resolution of a foreign legal entity to terminate activities of its representative office in the Russian Federation.

  • The origin of the Certificate of inclusion into the Uniform State Register

  • Accreditation cards of the employees of a representative office and their family members.

  • Valid multiple-entry visas of accredited employees of a representative office and their family members for the issue of transit visas to leave the territory of the Russian Federation.

  • A certified duplicate of the Power of Attorney issued to the person authorized to represent interests of a representative office at the Federal State Institution State Registration Chamber with the Ministry of Justice of Russia.

*) Foreign documents are accepted only if they bear authentic marks that they have been legalized by the consulate or apostilled unless an exemption from these procedures is granted under international arrangements to which the Russian Federation is a party; the records shall also be enclosed with a translation into Russian certified by the notary or consular services. These documents shall be valid for a year from the date of issue.

Note. Who shall accept powers of Attorney and resolutions only with the notary certified signatures and authorities of the parties?



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