Business visa invitation

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Business visa invitation
Business visa invitation

There’s a basic rule for those foreign citizens who are going to travel or work in another country: everyone must get an appropriate visa. The type of required document depends on the reason causing your visit. Foreigners can get a tourist Russian visa, working Russian visa, Russian visa for students, etc. Moreover, a document visa is given only for the purpose stated by a foreigner, so if you are a tourist you are not obliged to work in the country with your visa. Here we consider a work Russian visa, in particular a business visa invitation for Russia.

So when is a person required to get a visa?

  • If your goal is negotiation, or you participate in international trade shows, make presentations, etc.;
  • Conducting any kind of commercial activity;
  • Visiting Russian medical institutions;
  • Professional training in local universities;
  • Tourism purposes.
Invitation for business visa
Single-entry / double-entry for the period up to 90 days from 300 euro
Multi-entry for the period of 6 months from 350 euro
Multi-entry for the period of 1 year from 500 euro
Invitation for work visa from 350 euro

Business visa gives you the right to work in Russia for one month to five years. Such a document means that you work here under a contract. However, we have to note that not in each case a foreigner needs the document. Sometimes, there are international agreements between Russia and other countries (like that with Belarus and Kazakhstan) allowing their citizens to work in Russia on a legal basis without any visa. If this is the case, a foreign citizen is only required to have his passport.

This type of Business visa can be both single, and double, or multiple (that depends on the terms of contracts and the work specifics). As you can see from its name, a single visa is for those who will cross the Russian border for 1 time, a double visa – for those who will cross the Russian border 2 times, and multiple visas have no restrictions on the times you cross a border. Typically, single and double business visa are given to the foreigners who signed a contract for several months, in other cases, they get multiple visas. But in any case, to cross the border and work here, a foreigner is required to get a business visa invitation Russia.



Visa obtaining process in the Russian Federation

Now let’s take a quick look at how to get the document. So, first of all, you must confirm the reason for your journey to Russia . So, you are going to work and for that, you should have a Russia business visa invitation. The invitation is the document you must get first of all. In most cases, it is provided to you by your employer, or a partner in Russia , a legal entity in the Russian Federation. The business invitation Russia proves that a foreign citizen’s goal is business.

After you get it, you can contact the Russian consulate and submit the other required data:

  • a questionnaire with an up-to-date photo;
  • a certificate of medical examination (no dangerous infectious diseases);
  • medical insurance;
  • copy of your foreign passport.

As for the terms of obtaining documents in the Russian Federation, on average it takes up to 20 days.

Consular fees

Also, to get a business visa, a foreigner has to pay a consular fee (not refundable in case of refusal). The fee depends on the country, the amount of the contribution ranges from 5,000 to 16,000 rubles, while the fee is the same for all types of visas (single, double, multiple).

The process of obtaining a work Russia visa has some features, besides, if you are required to get a positive decision in the shortest possible time, you have to do it correctly (without any mistakes), and therefore the best decision in such a situation is to seek help from professional consultants. The specialists of the VALEN company are experienced professionals with extensive experience, they are well aware of the Russian legislation, and are ready to provide you with a guaranteed result (work visa) as soon as possible. Please contact us and consult on your situation.

Get help starting your business.

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