Register a Hotel in Russia

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 Open a hotel business in Russia
Open a hotel business in Russia

Cities like Saint Petersburg  and Moscow are preferred by foreign tourists visiting Russia. However, these are not the only cities attracting the interests of foreign citizens, as many of them come to Russia for business purposes. Setting up a company in the hospitality industry can be an excellent idea given how large Russia is and its history, which has created many sightseeing places.

Foreign investors who want to open a hotel in Russia can do so without restrictions.

However, they must comply with the local regulations. Our lawyers in Russia can offer information on the legislation related to registering a hotel in Russia.

How to open a hotel business in Russia

The Commercial Law provides for various types of companies registered in Russia. These entities can also write an accommodation business, such as a hotel. One must only prepare the documents related to the company registration procedure and file them with the Trade Registrar.

Once the Russian hotel business is set up, an important fact to decide is whether the owner will buy a building created to serve as a hotel or build the accommodation unit him or herself. In the latter situation, a construction permit will be required to respect specific regulations related to the construction site.

Our International experience lawyers can offer detailed information on the construction legislation, covering the building of spaces destined for commercial purposes.

Classification of hotels in Russia

Compared to European countries, Russia has a different classification system for hotels. European investors who want to register a company in Russia and operate it as a hotel must first consider the classification requirements imposed on accommodation establishments.

There are six types of hotels one can register in Russia:

  • budget hotels;
  • tourist class hotels;
  • standard hotels;
  • superior hotels;
  • luxury hotels;
  • deluxe hotels;

Each type of Russian hotel must offer certain facilities to its customers.

If you want to establish a hotel in Russia and need assistance, please contact us. Our Russian lawyers can also assist with the company registration procedure.

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