Tax help, accounting and business services

Who needs tax help accounting and business services

So who needs tax help accounting and business services? If your company does not have an in-house lawyer and accountant of sufficient qualifications to deal with legal issues, you are a potential client of such a law firm, because effective business conduct requires knowledge of the applicable rules and laws, and the ability to properly build a dialogue with state tax and other services.

Its normal operation, or even its very existence, largely depends on how professionally the company deals with these issues, since gross violations can lead to systematic fines, loss of licenses and other dangerous consequences for business. And if we take into account the fact that tax legislation and the norms applied in different sectors of the economy are constantly changing, a business cannot do without a professional without tax preparation and accounting services.

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List of tax help accounting and business services

Typically, tax help accounting and business services include the following:

  • advice on taxation issues and the practical application of the provisions of tax legislation;
  • assistance in obtaining individual tax advice from the tax authorities;
  • advice on bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • assistance in building optimal taxation schemes;
  • assistance in checking the reliability and tax status of the counterparty;
  • representation of interests in relations with tax authorities, including when conducting and appealing the results of audits in an administrative manner;
  • legal support of tax disputes, including appeals against decisions of the tax service and other state authorities.

As for the specific taxes that tax preparation and accounting services will help with, they include the following:

  • Value added tax.
  • Customs duties, excise taxes and other indirect taxes.
  • Income tax.
  • Payroll taxes.
  • Tax services for individuals.
  • and other taxes.

Tax preparation and accounting services from Valen company

Our specialists have developed and successfully implemented a number of effective financial and tax schemes for companies operating in the field of import-export, real estate and construction, software development, communications and telecommunications, financial services, retail trade, and international transport. We accompany clients at the stage of developing general tax strategies and at all stages of the life cycle of specific investment and venture projects.

During the global financial crisis, our services have helped many international and Ukrainian companies find the optimal solution between reducing business costs and maintaining effective tax risk management.

Thanks to the implementation of solutions proposed by our experts, many companies have been able to obtain significant competitive advantages as a result of optimizing tax risk management. Using the services of our company, you can save significant funds that can be used for current operating expenses, dividend payments or for the development of your business.

Turning to our specialists for tax help accounting and business services, you can count on a qualified answer not only from the point of view of the theory of legislation, but also from the point of view of judicial practice and changes in the position of tax authorities on certain issues.

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