Residence permit in Russia

In case they travel to the Russian Federation as tourists or visiting friends and relatives during several days, they need regular tourist visas for foreigners. But in case you want to reside and/or work, study, or conduct business, you are required to obtain a residence permit in Russia. Here we will briefly look at what it is, how to obtain one, what documents are required for this permit, what are the possible reasons for refusals.

Work permit (regardless of the procedure) from 550 euro
Invitation for work visa from 350 euro
Invitation for business visa
Single-entry / double-entry for the period up to 90 days from 300 euro
Multi-entry for the period of 6 months from 350 euro
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Temporary residence permit from 1650 euro
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What is a Russia residence permit?

Naturally, we start with the definition. A temporary residence permit in Russia is a document given to a foreigner that provides him/her with the right to reside in Russia for a specified period. When this period ends, a foreigner should either get a Russia permanent residence permit in case this person wants to stay in the country, or leave its territory. The permit is implemented in the form of a special stamp in a foreigner’s passport.

The validity period of temporary residence In Russia is three years. The documents are not extendable, and those who want to stay apply for a permanent Russia permanent residence permit.

After getting this stamp, a foreigner can reside and legally work in the country, and no work permit is required for this.

Document package to obtain a temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation

To make an application, you must provide the following package of documents *:

  • Passport or ID of a foreigner (color copies)
  • A document providing the reason to stay in Russia (for example, documents on student enrollment in a local university)
  • medical certificates (following the standard scheme)
  • documents confirming the absence of criminal records in a native country for a foreigner
  • confirmation of free Russian language speaking (exams), in some cases history and the legal basis.
  • notification of residing in the country
  • Confirmation of income, or sufficient funds for the person and his / her family members (if any).

* Sometimes local authorities may require some other additional documents at their discretion.

When you collect the document set, foreigners provide the package to the Russian migration service.

Getting a temporary residence permit in Russia

In some particular cases, foreigners receive the permit under a special quota. Thus if you:

  • were born in Russia during the Soviet era;
  • your parents / children or spouse have RF passport;
  • have a work permit or work visa;
  • have been working in Russia for 6 months in one of the positions from the special list;
  • received an honors degree from a Russian state university.

then you can obtain a Russia residence permit according to a simplified scheme. After that, the government service will review your request for two to four months.

Possible reasons for refusal

Sometimes a foreigner may be denied a temporary residence in Russia. Here are the most common reasons for failure:

  • Data from the document does not correspond to that from the questionnaire;
  • Some documents required by the current rules of the RF are missing;
  • The foreigner was previously convicted and convicted of a criminal offense;
  • The foreigner has spent the last 180 days out of Russia.

To avoid potential troubles and delays, we advise you to seek the assistance of professional lawyers.

VALEN specialists have the necessary qualifications and extensive experience to assist you in obtaining any permits, including a temporary residence permit in Russia.

We provide:

  • Legal advice on obtaining a residence permit in your particular case;
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