Open a Publishing company in Russia

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Open a Publishing company in Russia

The publishing sector in Russia is appealing to foreigners who want to start a business in this field and who want to benefit from the openings in this part of Europe.

The freedom of speech is granted in Russia as stated by the constitution, even if the media is in a continuous transformation.

Legislation related to foreign investments is not only permissive, but it offers a series of advantages for entrepreneurs from abroad who want to thrive in Russia’s publishing sector.

For company formation in Russia and the related terms and conditions, we suggest you to address to our team of company incorporation agents in Russia.

How can I open a publishing company in Russia?

We will describe process in 7 steps how u can open, brand and start publishing company in Russia

Open company publishing russia
<strong>Publishing company in Russia</strong>

What are the activities of a publishing company in Russia?

The main activities of a publishing company in Russia are linked to the production and the publication of newspapers, magazines, books, periodicals and many more. In addition, a publishing company deals with the marketing and related promotion activities, plus the necessary advertising channels, in agreement with the editorial plan of the publishing firm in Russia. Most of the publications have their own websites, as there are many readers or clients interested in the online newspapers and the related activities.

Short facts about the publishing sector in Russia

Russia hosts approximately 82,000 media companies dealing with TV broadcast, publishing, news agencies and radio.

It is good to know that the magazines and the newspapers in Russia represent 55% of the total media market in Russia.

Foreigners in this country can easily establish publishing companies in private partnerships or as joint stock companies. 

Our experts in Russia are ready to provide comprehensive support for foreign entrepreneurs and businesses, they will help you at all stages, from a preliminary assessment of the situation and choosing the best solution to obtaining all the necessary registration documents and getting started.

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Get help starting your business.

The best way for a foreigner to start a business in Russia is to register a company.

The procedure for setting up a business in Russia has been actively simplified by the government.

Today the process usually takes just three days and is not significantly different for a foreigner compared to a Russian citizen.

Founding a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is considered the most convenient form of business activity.

You need to fill the application form. Foreign nationals need to provide a notarized passport translation.

The validity of your signature on the application form should be notarized, after that it should be submitted to the relevant tax body.

You will require a legal address, a charter, and a minimum starting capital of 10,000 rubles (120 EURO).

You should also specify a general director of the LLC (this might be a foreign national with work permit) and be ready to regularly prepare and submit monthly accounting reports. Then it is possible to set up a bank account for the company.

There are many advantages of this type of business:

  • easier to borrow large amounts from banks;
  • easier to work with contractors;
  • private investors can enter the business;
  • LLC can be subject to 6 (six) percent tax.

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Get help starting your business.

Open a Company in Russia
Open a Company in Russia