Setting up LLC online

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Setting up LLC online

Russia is actively working to attract foreign capital and is taking new measures to simplify business registration in the country.

An online business registration service is being developed in Russia, soon the company will be able to register online.

Now a company in Russia can be created remotely, but for this it is necessary to issue a power of attorney for our employees and collect a certain package of documents.

After receiving the full set, VALEN’s lawyers will draw up the necessary documents, pay the fees and send them to the Tax Service.

Company registration takes 5 working days.

After completing the registration of the company, you will be able to come to Russia and start your own business.

Thus, the registration of a company in Russia is not a complicated process that takes a lot of time.

VALEN’s experienced lawyers and accountants will be happy to help your business both at the initial stage: registering a company and opening a bank account, and already actively operating companies: conducting court proceedings, challenging the actions of tax authorities.

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