1. Simplified order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Russian Federation for foreign investors

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State initiated an opportunity for foreign investors and their family members to obtain a permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation in a simplified manner.

Under that initiative a foreign citizen who has made investments in the Russian Federation and his family members will skip the stage of obtaining a temporary residence permit. But also specific criterias should be matched to follow that possibility.

Government plans to make a step in the formation of an attractive investment climate in the country – such criteria as investments in companies operating in the Russian Federation and creating jobs in the Russian Federation, investment in real estate are considered as the basis for granting a residence permit.

It takes at least a year and a half to obtain a permanent residence permit. And six months from that term is spent on obtaining a temporary residence permit – you need to live in this status for at least a year in order to apply for a permanent residence permit. The adoption of that initiative as a law will reduce the time for obtaining a residence permit to six months.