Liquidation of representative offices and branches of foreign organizations

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Unfortunately, occasionally there are situations when businesses go through a time of growth and are compelled to stop the activities of their offices or branches in other countries.
Closure of a representative office (branch) of a foreign company is in many ways no less critical and troublesome procedure than getting a primary accreditation.
Then – about the specifics of the closing process and how to pass it in the minimum period in compliance with all the law rules.

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Legislation of Russia provides for 3 cases, upon the occurrence of which the representative office (branch) of a foreign company is closed:

  • the foreign company itself decided to conduct its activities in Russia;
  • parent foreign company went out of business;
  • state bodies accountable for accreditation eliminated the branch (representative office) by force.

In any case, the procedure for liquidating a foreign branch applies to the processing and filing of a package of documents, visiting institutions, and waiting in lines.
Russian lawyers (part of Valen Group) offer services to close branches in Moscow and Russia in general.
During the years of successful work, we have accumulated substantial experience in passing the procedure, and our employees are perfectly aware of the current requirements for the drafting of documents.

Save yourself from unnecessary worries, charge with the closing of a foreign representative office (branch)

  • The closure of a foreign office, the cost of which is minimal with Russian lawyers;
  • Begins with a request to the tax inspectorate;
  • As soon as the tax inspection has given you notice of de-registration, liquidation auctions in the Social Insurance Fund, the Pension Fund, as well as in the State Statistics Authorities begin.

And only after concluding all the above procedures the representation (branch) is officially closed.

Cooperating with our company will preserve your most important resource – time. Closure of a foreign company’s representative office (branch) is a rather lengthy process. But, with Russian lawyers, you don’t have to constantly worry about going to state authorities and tracking the procedure closure. All this will be taken care of by our specialists.

By the way, about our specialists: The staff is well educated in English and German languages that, in some cases, will significantly facilitate communication with the head office of the company.

For the closure of a foreign branch, the price pays off with saved time and nerve cells and the speed of work of our specialists.

One of the main principles of the company Russian lawyers is to bring the business to an end. It is also worth mentioning that even after the procedure for closing the representative office (branch) is fully implemented, and there will not be any company representatives in Russia – we will assist in the organization of the delivery of documents to anywhere in the world.


For the time saved by us, you will earn much more money than you spend to pay for our services.


What you get by contacting Russian lawyers on this matter:

  • execution of a set of records for the closure of a representative office (branch) within three days;
  • removal from the register in the tax service;
  • removal from the register in off-budget funds;
  • removal from the register in the State Statistics Authorities;
  • information and legal support at all stages of the closure until its end.

Liquidation of representative offices and branches of foreign organizations is one of the critical directions of our activity.
Valen Group employees know about all the nuances and stages of the procedure.

The law specifies that liquidation of a representative office or branch should consistently include:

  • decision-making by the shareholder’s arrangement with its documentary fixation on liquidation of representative offices (branches);
  • notification of the whole state about the closure of the unit – the time limit for this is not more than two months before the actual layoffs;
  • registration of staff reductions/transfers in connection with the liquidation of representative offices and branches of foreign organizations with payment of compensation;
  • closing of accounts;
  • notification of tax services that the liquidation of representative offices (branches);
  • removal from extrabudgetary account.

The closure (liquidation) of the foreign company is completed by the destruction of seals/stamps. Liquidation of representative offices and branches

The average term of the procedure as a whole is six months.

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Open a Company in Russia