Open a Company in Agriculture

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Open a Company in Agriculture
Open a Company in Agriculture in Russia

To be sucessful in open a company in Russia in the agricultural sector, it is necessary to obtain specific business permits and licenses for the activitites of the respective business.  

Agricultural activities can refer to a wide range of products, such as vegetables, fruits, farming or fisheries.

Each specific activity must be performed in accordance with the applicable legislation and our team of company formation representatives in Russia can provide in-depth information on the procedures that have to be completed in this sense. 

Agriculture in Russia  

Russian agriculture field is an important industry in Russia. 

Food production, as well as food processing, represents one of the top activities in this country. The representatives of the country are interested in developing this field and, in 2012, the Russian government enacted a program aiming at increasing agricultural activities. 

State Program for the Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Agricultural Commodities Markets is available for the 2013 – 2020 period and our team of consultants can provide more details on this matter.  

The program is aiming at providing subsidies and other incentives for local producers performing business activities in this field and it refers at the following: 

  • crop production;
  • animal origin products;
  • cattle industry;
  • providing assistance to small companies involved in agricultural activities;
  • sustainable development;
  • development of lands;
  • irrigations. 

Registering an agricultural business in Russia

The Land Act is the main law providing for the purchase of land plots for various reasons.

The purchase or lease of land for agricultural or faming purposes is regulated by the Federal Law on the Russian Agricultural Census which applies to both individuals and companies seeking to set up a business in this industry.

Foreign investors are also allowed to set up companies in the agriculture sector in Russia based on the laws mentioned above, but also in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code which covers the entities used to set up the business.

Among the structures used to open an agricultural business in Russia are the limited liability company and the sole proprietorship for small enterprises.

The joint venture is another successful option for foreign entrepreneurs seeking to understand how a business works in Russia.

Russian types of agricultural businesses

Here is types of businesses which can be created in the Russian agricultural industry:

Open a Company in Agriculture in Russia

Russian Agricultural licenses

Once the agricultural company is established, the owner must obtain special licenses or permits which will allow him or her to cultivate or sale or export the products. The agricultural goods must comply with various requirements and several laws, among which:

  • the Law for the Wellbeing of the Population;
  • the Veterinary Law;
  • the Quality and Safety of Food Products.

Our experts in Russia are ready to provide comprehensive support for foreign entrepreneurs and businesses, they will help you at all stages,

from a preliminary assessment of the situation and choosing the best solution to obtaining all the necessary registration documents and getting started.

By seeking legal advice, you will receive the following guarantees: the result will be achieved within a certain period, and any issue will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, and all this for reasonable money. Besides, you will protect yourself from possible risks and mistakes in opening company in Russia, which can turn out to negative consequences.

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