Open a Website in Russia

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Open a Website in Russia
Open a Website in Russia

According to the latest statistics, Russia has been observed as the sharpest rising e-commerce market in Europe, with more than 60 million internet users.

Most of the businesses in Russia are linked to a website to promote the activities and align with the market demands. 

Opening a website in Russia might be the right business idea for those who want to extend the operations on the internet and reach international clients or for foreign entrepreneurs who only want to activate in the e-commerce field.

Our company formation agents in Russia are at your service with information about opening a company in Russia.

How can I register for a website in Russia?

The Russian Registry Center grants and registers the name of websites for at least one year, mentioning that the name must be unique and must end with .ru, as it is the country’s code on the internet.

You might want to consider the following steps when deciding for opening a website in Russia:

  • the name of the domain that will host the information of the website needs to be provided;
  • an administrator who can also be the registrant needs to be appointed for your website;
  • the owner of the website needs to offer complete details about the firm and its activities;
  • a contract signed between the registering agency and the owner will be necessary when deciding on a website.

If you would like to open an OOO in Russia and need to register a website too, we invite you to talk to our team of company incorporation specialists in Russia.

Who can open a website in Russia?

Domestic and foreign investors who decide on business in Russia can consider opening a website connected to the firm’s activities. This way, an entrepreneur can provide information about the goods and services offered by the company for selling purposes. 

Do I need a license to sell products on my website?

Yes, in most cases, you will need special licenses and permits to sell food, clothing, and electronics through your website registered in Russia. In-depth assistance in his sense is offered on request by our team of advisors.

We invite you to contact our Russian company formation representatives for extra details about opening a website in Russia.

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Open a Website in Russia
Open a Website in Russia