Interim management services

The General Director is one of the most important and necessary figures in any company.

However, a company may sometimes temporarily lack a General Director for this or that reason. This problem is mostly related to foreign companies with a foreign Director since the process of foreign citizen’s official employment in Russia is much more difficult than of Russian citizens one.

In this regard, we are glad to offer you our interim management services until the General Director officially takes up his position.

Company incorporation (LLC/JSC) depending on the founding members:
Foreign and Russian individuals from 350 euro
Foreign and Russian legal entities from 550 euro
Interim manager services from 900 euro

Interim management may be performed by an individual as well as by legal entity. Interim manager usually performs the following functions:

  • Company owner’s representation in state authorities.
  • Verification and signature of contracts on behalf of the owner, except of credit, loan and other agreements imposing credit liabilities on the owner.
  • Preparation and issuance of powers of attorney.
  • Execution of accounting and tax documents (invoices, acts on services rendered).
  • Review and signing of any other documents which require a signature of the company’s General Director.
  • Support in notarization of documents and other necessary actions at the request of the owner.