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Although many entrepreneurs strive to ensure that their business is sustainable and profitable, it is crucial to understand that stability is always a temporary state between numerous ups and downs, even if this stability lasts for more than a year. Absolutely any company can face (and sooner or later will surely face) crisis situations and this is exactly the moment when it is the most needed adequate interim management, otherwise, business risks being bankrupt.

The appearance of a critical situation is not a question of “will be/will not be?”, it is a question of “when?” But the most important here is whether a company is ready to face the crisis and respond to such challenges and if not, then it should be done immediately so that your management interim is ready for the unexpected situations.

The presence of an interim management system in a company is like a defense system for a country. Its absence provokes the enemy to attack. So it involves dealing with threats before, during, and after they happen.

Company incorporation (LLC/JSC) depending on the founding members:
Foreign and Russian individuals from 350 euro
Foreign and Russian legal entities from 550 euro
Interim manager services from 900 euro

The main thing is to be prepared

The most obvious way to prevent the onset of a crisis is constantly monitoring of the processes in a company and its operational efficiency (its better to detailed this process more). Remember that it is easier and faster to solve any problem at the very beginning. Therefore, the sooner you realize that things have gone wrong, the better. Actions such as monitoring the financial and economic condition of a company, developing predictive and preventive measures, improving marketing and financial strategies, enhancing staff motivation and functionality, etc., will save the business from a number of potential troubles. This is the first step in preparing a company for a critical situation. Management interim always includes assessment and monitoring of current situations.

Your company must have a special anti-crisis strategy – a document that fully describes possible scenarios for the future development of a company, based on current indicators of the external and internal environment. It is also necessary to decide on interim management in case of a crisis. Thus, every company should have a special “road map”, which outlines the main steps in case of emergencies. Who is responsible in the event of a crisis? You need to know in advance how it will look like and who will make up the working group to resolve the situation.

Clear action in a critical situation

If a crisis comes (and this will happen sooner or later), you need to maintain clarity and consistency of actions and think as rationally as possible. And you need to act in a difficult environment with a rapidly changing situation. Time is short, problems come one after another, there is powerful pressure from outside. At the same time, the main thing is to preserve the business and soften the blow as much as possible by minimizing losses (and they will always be). And to do everything right, we need specialists in crisis management.

If you have a large company, such specialists can be your full-time employees. Small and medium-sized companies can hire a third-party crisis response specialist for that case. The opinions of outsiders can be more objective, while team members can be more emotional.

The members of the anti-crisis team will:

  • collect initial information on the situation and analyze it;
  • develop a roadmap on how to get the organization out of a crisis situation (if it does not exist);
  • help to organize and transform existing resources;
  • identify specific performers;
  • control the implementation of the anti-crisis program.

Such actions of interim management will significantly mitigate the consequences of crises.

New opportunities

While the crisis is primarily a threat to business, it can also be used for profit. You will never be able to implement such changes as during a critical situation. A business that understands the importance and significance of changes can even win and improve its position (in the future). Stressful situations can develop such property as antifragility – the ability to benefit from failures, losses, mistakes. This approach does not involve confronting shocks to maintain the status quo, but improving and transferring business to a new level.

In times of crisis periods, windows of opportunity appear more often, therefore, modern complex processes in the country and the world can play the role of not obstacles, but motivators of development.

Crisis Management from the Valen company

Valen’s specialists are experienced professionals with extensive experience in interim management. They know very well what must be done in such situations and are ready to help your company get out of any crisis situation since they have provided similar services to lots of clients. If your company encountered unforeseen problems and entered a critical situation, do not waste your time, contact us immediately so that our specialists can get into your deal as quickly as possible and minimize losses for your business. You can contact us by phone, e-mail using the form on the website, or by visiting our office in Moscow city in person.


How to prepare for the crisis?

A company must have an anti-crisis team with interim management skills and an anti-crisis strategy

Who needs an anti-crisis strategy?

Everyone. Absolutely any company must have its own anti-crisis strategy in order to clearly understand what must be done in a difficult situation since it is very difficult to build this strategy during a crisis. If the business is small, you can use the services of an outsourcing company.

What to do when a crisis occurs?

As we have already said, a company must have an anti-crisis strategy, which will define an anti-crisis team. You need to use this command immediately. The faster you start to react, the better.

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