Russian company

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Russian company

Dividend income on the Russian market has shown the best results in 10 years.

The stock market showed similar results only in the late 1990s. These indices could only manifest themselves due to the loyal credit policy of the central banks of the largest states, the recovery of the world economy.

A great way to start a business in Russia is to register a company in the form of a Limited Liability Company.

This organizational and legal form is convenient because the founders can limit the rights of the head at their discretion and at the same time the responsibility of the company’s participants is limited by the size of the authorized capital (at least 120 euros).

VALEN’s lawyers will pay the necessary fees and coordinate the formalities with the authorized body and prepare the necessary set of documents for submission to the tax authority, which includes:

  • the form of the established sample,
  • the decision to create a company and appoint a manager;
  • the order on the assumption of the post of director.

 Company registration takes only 5 working days.

By registering an LLC, you will be able to conduct business in full, without restrictions: open bank accounts, conclude contracts, conduct foreign economic activity.

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Russian company