What Does It Mean to Be an LLC in Russia?

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10.000 rubles

To register a company in Russia, it is essential to have the amount of at least 10000 rubles to be contributed to the bank account as being the charter capital. Record setting forth the level of allocation of capital shares between all the founders of the LLC.

Company Formation in Russia

Limited liability company (LLC)

OOO, Russian: Общество с ограниченной ответственностью

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Tax namePercent %Date:
Corporate Tax Rate20.00Dec 2021
Personal Income Tax Rate13.00Dec 2021
Sales Tax Rate20.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate30.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate For Companies30.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate For Employees0.00Dec 2021

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List of documents required for registrating LLC company in Russia:

  • Passports of the founders and general director (copies);
  • Application filled in according to form P11001;
  • Decision of the founder or minutes of the meeting of founders of the LLC company;
  • Articles of Association of the LLC company in Russia;
  • Receipt for payment of state fee for registrating llc company;
  • Documents that confirm the existence of a legal address for LLC company in Russia;
  • Notification of the choice of a specific taxation system for newley opened LLC company in Russia.

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What Does It Mean to Be an LLC in Russia?
What Does It Mean to Be an LLC in Russia?

An LLC shape limits your liability and legally divides you from your business.

The letters “LLC” after a company name mean that the company is organized as a limited liability company rather than as a corporation, partnership, individual entrepreneur, or another business type.

An LLC has a more adaptable structure and fewer requirements than a corporation. It also offers liability protection and potential tax savings that aren’t available to sole proprietorships or partnerships.

What Strictly Does LLC Mean?

An LLC, or limited liability company, is a type of enterprise entity that a company can form by filing paperwork with the state. An LLC can have one owner (known as a “member”) or many owners.

The words “limited liability” refer to the fact that LLC members cannot be held personally responsible for business debts. 

In a dispute with a business creditor, members may lose the money invested in the company but their assets aren’t at risk.

LLC members also aren’t usually liable for a co-owner’s carelessness or misconduct in business matters. 

Corporations also offer this liability protection, but sole proprietorships and partnerships do not.

An LLC is governed by a written operating agreement that describes the way the business will be run, the roles of the members, and the way profits will be shared. But LLCs are very flexible in the specifics of the agreement. In contrast, corporations have a rigid structure of officers, directors, and shareholders.

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What Does LLC mean in a Company’s Daily Business?

Being an LLC means you’ll need to draw a firm line between your business life and your one. 

Mingling business and personal finances—or being unclear about whether you’re acting in a business or personal capacity—could cause you to lose your liability protection in a dispute. Here are some actions to take:

  • Set up a business bank account and never mix business and personal funds
  • Always sign business documents as an officer or member of the business
  • Include the letters “LLC” after your business name on correspondence, invoices, business cards, and other documents

Creating an LLC may also mean changing the way you pay your members and handle taxes. Your LLC can be taxed in the same way as an individual entrepreneur or partnership, with self-employed owners paying their quarterly income and self-employment taxes.

But some LLCs save money by electing simple taxation. In an S corp., members can be company employees, with the company running payroll and withholding taxes for them. A business accountant can explain more and advise you on the best tax status for your business.

State law may require you to keep certain LLC records, and you may have to file an annual LLC report and pay an annual fee. Staying on top of reporting deadlines will ensure your LLC remains in good standing with the state.

Limited Liability Company Advantages and Disadvantages

Many small business owners are uncertain whether to form a business entity at all—rather than remaining a sole proprietorship or partnership—or whether an LLC or a corporation is best.

Advantages of a limited liability company over a partnership or sole proprietorship include:

  • Liability protection. As long as you keep your business and personal matters separate.
  • Structure. An LLC operating agreement provides a roadmap that can help avoid expensive disagreements among members.
  • Potential tax savings. By electing S corporation taxation.
  • Protection of your business name within your state. States don’t allow two business entities to form with the same name.

Corporations can have these same benefits, but they have a less flexible operating structure and are usually subject to more reporting requirements than LLCs.

Compared to an individual entrepreneur or partnership, the main disadvantage of a limited liability company is the expense and paperwork of setting up the business and filing annual reports. There are also potential administrative hassles in keeping a separate bank account and running payroll. If you plan to solicit outside investment, you may find that investors prefer corporations over LLCs.

How to Start an LLC

You can start an LLC in just a few simple steps. 

First, you’ll need to choose a business name and select a person to serve as the registered agent to receive official documents on behalf of your business. 

Then you file LLC formation paperwork with your state and pay a filing fee.

Your LLC should also have an operating agreement. You can find limited liability company examples of operating agreements online, or a lawyer or online legal service can prepare one for you.

Understanding what LLC means in business will help you decide whether an LLC is right for your company. If you’re unsure, a business lawyer can answer your questions and get your company started on the right foot.

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