Russia ranked 11th in investment climate.

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In terms of attractiveness to investors, Russia ranked 11th in Europe, but the pandemic made its own adjustments – the number of investment projects decreased to the size of 2014.

Last year, investors participated in 141 Russian projects.

Such indicators for the Russian Federation were the result of a reliable base laid years earlier, although the consequences of the pandemic affected the size of investment injections into Russian projects.

Despite this, almost all previously announced projects were not frozen and began to be implemented on time. Europe has rejected more than a third of previously approved projects.

In which areas of the Russian economy are the most foreign investments directed?

The agricultural sector traditionally leads in terms of attractiveness for investors. America and Germany are taking the most active part here.

Automotive production occupies the second place, where China, Germany and America traditionally involved it this sphere.

Moscow and the region are the most attractive zones for investors. St. Petersburg and the region are in second place, Tatarstan is in third, where China is increasing the size of its investments.