How to start a business online

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How to start a business online
Online business registration

Business registration is a mandatory procedure for legal entities and entrepreneurs. In recent years, the registration process has greatly simplified — especially due to the development of electronic document management. Now, in order to become an entrepreneur or create a company, you can prepare and submit the necessary documents to the tax authority via the Internet. Moreover, there are special services that allow you to register in the “one window” mode.

You can submit documents for registration not only on paper when you personally contact the tax service, but also in electronic form. In this case, a qualified electronic signature will be required to certify the documents.

The service “State Registration of Legal Entities and individual Entrepreneurs” operates on the official website of the Federal Tax Service, which allows you to prepare and submit documents in electronic form directly to the tax inspectorate.

To register an entrepreneur, the tax inspectorate has developed a mobile application “Personal Account of an individual entrepreneur”. The process takes place in several stages and does not take much time. However, the tax authority will still have to visit the next day to sign the finished documents and complete the registration procedure.

If there is no electronic signature, you can register a business through a notary. His services will cost from 1,000 rubles, the state duty is not paid. The deadline for registration through a notary is from 3 days.

The first and obvious advantage of online registration is that you do not need to pay a state fee.

In addition, the state online registration has the following advantages:

  • documents are submitted to the registration authority remotely and without intermediaries;
  • you can submit an application and documents for processing at any time;
  • software for document preparation is provided free of charge.

Online business registration is fast and without state fees, which allows you to spend time and money on other things that are no less important for business.

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