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10.000 rubles

To register a company in Russia, it is essential to have the amount of at least 10000 rubles to be contributed to the bank account as being the charter capital. Record setting forth the level of allocation of capital shares between all the founders of the LLC.

Company Formation in Russia

Limited liability company (LLC)

OOO, Russian: Общество с ограниченной ответственностью

Open a company in Russia with

Tax namePercent %Date:
Corporate Tax Rate20.00Dec 2021
Personal Income Tax Rate13.00Dec 2021
Sales Tax Rate20.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate30.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate For Companies30.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate For Employees0.00Dec 2021

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List of documents required for registrating LLC company in Russia:

  • Passports of the founders and general director (copies);
  • Application filled in according to form P11001;
  • Decision of the founder or minutes of the meeting of founders of the LLC company;
  • Articles of Association of the LLC company in Russia;
  • Receipt for payment of state fee for registrating llc company;
  • Documents that confirm the existence of a legal address for LLC company in Russia;
  • Notification of the choice of a specific taxation system for newley opened LLC company in Russia.

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Debt Advisory
Debt Advisory

Russian lawyers can assists in:

  • Increasing financing with bank loans;
  • Syndicated loans from international and Russian banks
  • Private equity funds and venture funds, 
  • Strategic investors;
  • Leasing;
  • Bonds (including Eurobonds);
  • Capital markets (IPOs);
  • Real estate financing;
  • Public-Private Partnerships.


Russian lawyers have vast experience with projects involving the interest of financing. Some have earlier worked in leading Russian and international banks and investment funds, and are familiar with their conditions. 

In our work, we proceed on the basis that the main task is not only to attract debt or equity financing but to optimize the terms of financing for the client and in the end to grow the value of the client’s business. To this end, we pay significant attention to preliminary practices and raising the investment appeal of the business for the selected type of investors, the development of the appropriate measures to increase the capitalization and/or reduce the cost of borrowing, which produces it possible to achieve the best results.

How Russian lawyers can help:

Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnership

Financing infrastructure development encourages social and economic progress, but it also creates new challenges. 

Unfamiliar financial risks, complexity, and uncertainty of major infrastructure projects – to name a few. 

Additionally, traditional financing sources cannot elongate enough for infrastructure financing.

One of the most important, but complicated ways to realize infrastructure projects is to use Public-Private Partnerships. 

PPPs are a special type of partnership between the public and private sectors aimed at carrying out long-term investment projects in the social and infrastructure sphere, particularly where it is important to retain an element of public sector oversight or control over the service or asset.

Russian lawyers are one of the counsels in the PPP market. 

Russian lawyers in Russia and the CIS are actively experiencing establishing the conditions to develop PPP in Russia and the CIS and provide the full scope of advisory, tax, and audit services needed to run projects. 

Russian lawyers comprehend the financial and operating drivers of infrastructure and PPP projects and transactions from the viewpoint of both public and private sector players. 

We deliver a professional practice to the infrastructure and PPP sector by getting our experts together to provide a wealth of experience in all stages of the infrastructure and PPP projects realization process. The happening in Russia is further supported and supplemented as required.

Typical PPP projects apply the construction/reconstruction of transport infrastructure (airports, roads, railroads, tunnels, bridges), public buildings (hospitals, schools, museums), utilities (water supply, wastewater, waste processing), energy, and also function and maintenance of these facilities.

In PPP projects, the private sector engages in developing, building, and financing facilities, and using them following the parameters and standards established by the government.

In recovery, the private sector is paid by the public sector, with the amount conditional on results achieved (services provided). In some studies, this payment (or part of the payment) comes from the revenues generated by the commercial operation of the facility.

The undertaking of PPP projects is a complex task. In addition to the proper legal framework, successful implementation depends on a correct evaluation of the economic feasibility of the project, and no less on an appropriate structure and clear coordination of the work of all parties. 

Therefore, the assistance of an experienced advisor is highly important for such projects.

Services to the public sector

Russian lawyers Infrastructure helps its public customers to assess different ways of implementing infrastructure and social projects to get maximum value for money and ensure bankability.

Services to the private sector

Russian lawyers Infrastructure and PPP group help its private consumers to achieve successful financial closing of infrastructure projects. 

Valen’s services include:

  • Market sounding;
  • Structuring;
  • Preparation of documents;
  • Roadshow;
  • Negotiations with lenders;
  • Equity investors, etc.

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