Business ideas for Russia in 2022 – The ultimate guide

Sometimes the first step is most important in business development, specialy in Russia – which buisness is most profitable with out big starting investment.

Here we will give 104 ideas for Russia what u can start and with us for buisness partners u can make good beginign sucess in creating your own corporation.

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Web Designing and Development in Russia

These days, businesses are changing their models and shifting businesses offline to online. It means that they need websites to operate online.

Think about this; thousands of thousands of businesses are operating worldwide. If you can offer web designing and development services, you can make a lot of money.

You need to make your website, do proper SEO and rank your website in Search Engine for more visibility. Get orders and deliver them on time.

SEO Services and Marketing in Russia

Search Engine Optimization is essential these days, especially when running your online business.

Every organization wants its website to be number one in Google for more visibility ranking and also to increase leads and sales. You can help them to become number one on Google. Offer your SEO services and earn money.

Over time, if you get more orders, make a team of SEO experts and expand your business over time.

Content Writing in Russia

Did you know Google is indexing millions of new pages daily? Yes, it’s true.

Thousands of thousands of websites are operating online. All of them need fresh content to compete with other websites.

If you’ve good writing skills, offer your content writing services to clients and earn dollars.

Content Marketing in Russia

Traditional marketing is becoming less effective as compared to Content Marketing. Big brands love to share their products and services through content marketing to increase leads and sales.

Don’t waste time and pick this idea from the mega list of new business ideas if you know content marketing. Make this skill is your full-fledged business.

Social Media Manager / Agency in Russia

Usually, business owners have to manage lots of other essential tasks. So, they outsource their jobs to freelancers. Social media is one of the significant tasks people outsource to freelancers in these tasks.

Try this business idea if you know how to manage and run social media pages effectively. Manager social media tasks and get paid every month.

YouTube Channel

After Google, YouTube is another platform where people do billions of searches to watch videos. You can entertain these people by publishing relevant videos on YouTube.

All you need is to create a YouTube Channel, upload quality videos with no copyrights and publish them. After some time, when you successfully get 10 thousand views on your videos, apply for Monetization Program (AdSense Hosted Account). Once you get approved, make money with videos. More videos more chances to make good money.

Blogging & Publishing Contents

A few months ago, Emarketer forecasted that U.S. digital advertisement spending would be increased to $83 billion. Most of the advertisements are made through Google and Facebook.

If you have a low budget, think about this blogging business. Hundreds of bloggers are making good money from blogging and publishing.

The question is, how you can make money with blogging?

Here are simple steps to get started.

  1. Buy a domain name along with Web hosting
  2. Create WordPress Website
  3. Get some good W.P. theme and install it.
  4. Write quality and SEO-friendly content and publish it.
  5. Monetize your blog with AdSense,, or Facebook Instant Articles.

More traffic means more chances of monetization.

Blog Consultant

This startup idea is something related to blogging and publishing. If you’ve good experience in blogging and know everything about blogging, you can also make dollars with this profession.

The good side of this small business is that you don’t have to spend money to start a business. All you need is to utilize your skills and experience. That’s it.

Buy and Sell Websites

It is difficult to rank websites on Search engines. But once you successfully rank your site and start getting a ton of traffic on your blog, you can sell your website to buyers and become a rich person.

You can also make this one-time idea a proper business. Visit; you will see hundreds of websites available for sale. If you find a good website and think you can run it effectively or sell at double price, then purchase it and earn money.

You will become a website dealer just like a real estate dealer.

Apart from that, you can also sell your smartphone applications and domain names.

Rental Websites

It is another one of the top 10 new business ideas that you can start with low capital. Companies often need ready-made websites to promote their product and services online.

If you are a good designer and developer, make some websites and rent them to Companies instead of selling them. You can charge them every month.

Listing Websites

You may have seen some websites where you can find properties for sale, mobile phones, or available parking spaces in the city.

Do some internet research and find stats on how many people in your area are looking for certain products/services. Once you find the right niche, create a listing website and make it your small business. You can also launch a website where you can list anything.

Sell your Voice / Videos

On freelancing sites, you can sell anything which seems legal and ethically sound. If you’re a good voice and can provide good transcription services, then why you’re wasting your talent? Monetize it.

Furthermore, you can also make attractive videos on behalf of clients and charge them accordingly.

eCommerce Sites / Online Shopping Stores

Image Source – Pixabay

These days, people often make online purchases. This trend is already famous in the United States, Australia, and European countries, but it is also popping up in Asian countries, especially India and Pakistan.

Both countries have billions of population, and their needs increase day by day. This is a big market where you can start a successful eCommerce business.

Dropshipping Business

Drop Shipping is one of the most profitable new business ideas these days. You don’t have to worry about purchasing shipping supplies which makes it low cost to get started. Due to the increasing trend of online shopping, dropshipping is also getting famous.

If you want to start this business, conduct detailed research on drop shopping. How can you start this business, what will your business model and how can you turn this startup idea into a profitable business?

So, these are the small businesses that you can start with little to no money. Now, I’m going to share more small business ideas which need specific skills and governmental licensing to operate.

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Business Ideas That Require Specialization and Certifications

Accountancy Firm

If you are a certified public/chartered accountant, you can also start your accountancy firm. You can provide accounting and finance services to your clients.

Remember, different countries have different certifications, such as

  • Pakistan has C.A. from ICAP
  • India has C.A. from ICAI
  • Australia CPA
  • England has C.A. from ICAEW

Apart from that, ACCA is another certification that is globally accepted. Further, you can also start a business that is a blend of accounts and technology—for instance, developing accounting and financing software. This is one of the best new business ideas because you can sell your accounts-related products repeatedly. And you will enjoy good profitability.

Tax Practitioner in Russia

Tax is a complex activity because it involves several state laws and regulations. If you are a qualified and certified Tax Practitioner, start your own Company and offer taxation services to individuals, A.O.P., and Companies.

Just like chartered accountancy firms, you can also register your legal firm if you’re a law degree. Companies often hire legal firms permanently to seek legal advice.

Your firm can help them in legal matters and make money.

Consultancy Business in Russia

The business may fail, but the consultancy business will never. It is a business that can operate without having any manufacturing costs. You will only have to bear expenses related to the cost of sales (services) and administrative (salaries & wages).

If you start a consultancy business, you can provide any services to your clients, such as education, trade, or real estate.

Healthcare Business in Russia

Approximately 7 billion people are living all over the world. All of them have different nationalities, cultures, races, and colors. But all these people usually face one common issue, which is health.

Every year people face several health problems, and they spend billions of dollars on healthcare services. Even healthcare professionals enjoy the highest-paying jobs in America. It means that this is a big market which you serve.

According to PRNewswire, the health care business intelligence market worth will be $15.88 Billion by 2026. On the other side, Pfizer estimated that the market worth of the consumer healthcare business is $15 billion.

It is an excellent opportunity to start your small business if you are a doctor. You can create your own Healthcare Business in your area. Your startup tree will grow if you provide quality healthcare services to patients.

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New Business Ideas for Future

Previously, I published an article where I revealed some future business ideas that will become profitable startups in the upcoming years. I’d like to mention these startup ideas in this mega list of small business ideas again.

Outsourcing Business in Russia

Internet of Things (IoT)

3D Printing Business Ideas

Starting a Co-Working Space Business

Investment in Real Estate in Russia

Consumer Goods & Services Startups

Healthcare Startups

Consultancy Businesses (All types of consultancies)

Collaborative Economy Business

Investment in Renewable Energy Sector

Furthermore, I compiled a list of future technology trends a few days ago. I mentioned the top 10 tech trends that will shape the future in that context. The primary aim of sharing those trends is to let you know that technology has a vital role in business, and these trends can create excellent opportunities for techpreneurs.

Check out the following trends and think about how you can make things different and benefit from these future trends.

Rise of Chatbots

Increasing trend of Drone Cars

Virtual Reality

Internet of Things (New User Applications)

Machine Learning


Data-Driven Healthcare (Health and Tech-based Startups)

Clean Energy

Cyber Attacks on Websites and other online properties

Space Tourism

These are the small business technology trends that involve a lot of future investments. No doubt, if you start a tech-based business and make a good investment in this sector, you will reap the rewards in the future.

Interesting Business Ideas

Now, I’m going to share some new startup ideas based on human necessities.

Food Business

You know that we cannot survive without having the necessities. Food is one of those fundamental necessities on which we rely most.

The population is increasing day by day. According to Census, the world population is around about 7 billion. It means that this figure will increase in the future. These statistics also show that the demand for food products will increase.

It is an opportunity for the business mindset people who want to start a sustainable business. If you live in populated countries, then this is a good business idea to make money.

A food business is a broad niche. You can pick a specific food niche and run your small business efficiently. Here are some more food startup ideas you can think about.

Bake it till you make it

Who does not love to have a perfectly baked loaf of bread in their breakfast or a sweet and soft cupcake in the evening along with their colleagues?

A business of baked goods has excellent potential in today’s era. You might even have a unique selling proposition in your business, such as a free cupcake with an order of particular value.

Become a caterer

Have you ever been to a party and thought how bad the food was? You have the capability of solving that problem and generating good revenue if you start a catering business. There will undoubtedly be hundreds of parties taking place in your city; you can start with a party of a friend.

Teach how to cook

Most people love cooking as much as they love eating. However, cooking is not an easy job, and if you have a good command of the art of cooking, you might offer it to someone who wants to learn and charge a handsome fee. You might as well employ other instructors with you.

Become Chef celebrity

A chef is not less than a celebrity; at least Gordon Ramsey is not! The chef is the most important person at a party because they create the most important thing- the food. Thus, if you are a good cook, you can become someone’s chef. Celebrities often hire personal chefs at very handsome salaries.

Look after people’s diets

People are now more health-conscious than they ever were. A nutrition coach or a nutritionist helps people keep track of the nutrition they take in each day. Nutrition coaches help people in controlling their diets and maintaining their shapes. Nutrition coaches are also hired mainly by celebrities because they are the ones most concerned about their fitness and looks.

Tell the world about what you eat

Blogging is a new art attracting more and more people, especially youngsters, towards it. Food blogging is also a widespread phenomenon these days; however, everyone is not very good at it, but you might have the potential to be the next best food blogger in the world. This field will also give you a chance to try several new foods.

  1. YouTube food channel

YouTube food channel

Where do people usually go instantly when they want to learn how to cook a thing or to know any other information about any foods? It is YouTube. A YouTube food channel will not only let you earn good money but will also attract fame towards you; you will also be helping someone in need doing this.

Sell processed foods

What would one wish for coming home after a long day at work? It would be that they get food without having to make much effort.

Dining out daily will get out of budget, so they look for ready-to-eat, processed food. Processed food has a vast customer base, and this business can earn you a lot of money.

Sell food on carts

A newer restaurant has food carts on the streets or even in malls. Many people like to have an afternoon meal at the roadside with their friends and colleagues instead of going to a fancy restaurant. This is a much cheaper option for the customers than if they go to an expensive restaurant.

Sell grocery online

Who does not want to sit at home and have their groceries delivered at their doorsteps? Online shopping is growing increasingly, and a recent development is towards online grocery stores.

These stores allow people to order everything they need online and make payments online, too, using electronic payment solutions.

People love organic food

People are very concerned about their health these days, and there are very few healthy meal options when they decide to dine out; hence, this is a market gap that you must target. An organic food store is not very common these days, and you might even be able to charge premium prices for the product.

Sell pure water

Again, an idea related to people’s health makes this idea a promising one. Apart from food, people also like to have access to pure drinking water, and setting up a mineral water business will help you target this area. However, this business’s initial setting cost is high because you must buy a water purifying plant, bottles, and other equipment.

Drive the food around the city

A food truck will let you access several areas to drive the car around the city. Thus, you can move your food truck to different events or near offices at their lunchtimes to get many customers.

A food truck also allows you to store your required material in the car itself, hence more easiness.

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  1. Sell food that’s already famous.

Sell food that’s already famous

Buying a franchise of a well-set restaurant gives a lot of benefits to you as the advethe owner does the advertising and name will attract many customers. You do not have to worry about the food range as it is already decided on. However, this too involves high set-up costs.

Have a domain name

A domain name will let you have your products featured on your website. Adding to this, having a domain name will make your business look more professional, hence attracting more customers as they will trust your products more.

Here are more new business ideas based on Google searches and trends. Simply go to Google Keyword Planner or related keyword research tools and find the search volume.

Selfie Drones / Camera Drones

These days, the sale of drone camera/selfie drones is at its peak. From media houses to individual consumers like travel bloggers, are highly using these drones to capture the best shots and make awesome videos.

According to Toptal, the total market size of drones is $100 billion between 2016 to 2020. Further, PWC estimates that drones will become part of daily operations across agriculture, insurance, and journalism. If you intend to start a new business in 2021 or 2022, this is probably the best startup idea you can begin.

HIIT Equipment (High-Intensity Interval Training)


Mirrorless Camera

Dash Cam

Wireless Earphones

Matcha Tea

Beard Oil

There are hundreds of other things people search on the Internet (Google) to purchase products and services. You need to find the product that receives stable searches every month, make a website, and start your eCommerce business today.

New Creative Business Ideas

There are also innovative and creative ideas that don’t require high investment but generate good income.

Buy and sell Domains Names

Patent Something

Start a Popup Shop

Proofreading and editing services

Buy and Sell Goods (Become a Trader)

Data Analysis (Statisticians or Survey Agency)

Distributor (Distribution Company) in Russia

Airbnb Host

Yoga Trainer

Personal Fitness Trainer

Translation Services

Tour Guide

Travel and Tourism Business

Dance Instructor

Music Instructor

Stock Photographer


Investment in Startup Businesses / Angel Investing

Investment Analyst

Car Washing and Detailing Services

Child Care

Virtual Customer Services

Real Estate Sales Consultant

Fancy Jewelry

Purchasing a profitable website

Event Planning

Amazon Seller

T-Shirt Printing Business

Public Speaking / Motivational Speaker

Become Influencer (Influencer Marketing)

Small Businesses That Require Investment

In all businesses, startup financing is necessary to keep the business alive. But it depends on how much money is required to get started? Not all companies can be created with too little money. Who can start some companies with too little capital, but some business ideas require high seed financing to start.

Here are I’m going to share some new business ideas that need investment.

Retail Business

Compared to Consultancy businesses, there are more chances that retail companies may fail. But if proper startup planning is done and start in such a market where competition is low, you may become successful.

Initially, you will have to invest money to start. But if you don’t have much capital to invest, you can think about the acquisition of franchising.

Project Management Company

There are a lot of projects starting in the world. If you’ve expertise in project management, why don’t you start a company? Offer your PM services to your clients and get paid per your demand.

Investment in Energy Sector

Apart from developed countries, several countries face severe energy crises, such as India, Pakistan, and African countries. If you are an investor, think about this sector. You can invest today but enjoy the fruits tomorrow.

Green / Clean Energy

This is another one of the trending new business ideas these days. The debate for clean/green energy is at its peak these days. Every country is trying to promote this sector because the way through which clean or green energy is generated is environmentally friendly. You can invest your money in this sector. For instance, you are starting a solar energy business.

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Making Roads through Plastic

When I first heard this idea, I thought it was just a funny thing. But recently, I realized that this is one of the best unique business ideas worldwide, which the governments highly appreciate.

Recently, I saw a video shared by World Economic Forum in which they mentioned India is building plastic roads. The developers collect useless plastic throughout the country and then recycle it to use its inroads.

If you live in the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, or China, you can easily find useless plastic that people usually throw into the trash. Collect as much as possible, recycle it, and use it to make plastic roads. This is one of the best business ideas to make money in the upcoming years.

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Sell and Buy Businesses

I’ve seen several serial entrepreneurs who build a profitable businesses. They sell their businesses. Once their businesses become successful or they feel they’re not becoming the market leader.

If you’re a business and not moving forward, sell it and make money. This is another one of the top creative business ideas you can think about. You can consider several examples while marketing your business, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, PayPal, and Bing. You can sell your business and start a new one.

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On the other side, if you have a good bank balance, you can also buy a ready-made business. You will not have to do a lot of marketing or branding to kickstart.

Open a Company in Russia
Open a Company in Russia