Small and medium-sized businesses will receive support through the SME platform from February 1, 2022

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In more uncomplicated terms, an interim manager is a highly experienced and specialized manager whom you can employ for a short time to solve a specific business problem. He or she is a master project manager who will not only give you advice but also 

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An Interim is hired to do the best for the business with no disguised agenda. Interim Managers carry customized models/project management frameworks that are tailored to individual business needs. Interim Managers offer cost-effective solutions and usually at half the day rate of traditional consulting houses.

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Tax namePercent %Date:
Corporate Tax Rate20.00Dec 2021
Personal Income Tax Rate13.00Dec 2021
Sales Tax Rate20.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate30.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate For Companies30.00Dec 2021
Social Security Rate For Employees0.00Dec 2021

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An interim CEO is an individual selected by a company’s board of directors to take the role of the chief executive officer during a time of transition or as the effect of the sudden release of the company’s previous CEO

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The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation has approved a test launch to provide services to small and medium-sized businesses on the digital SME platform.

Small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed citizens, as well as citizens who plan to register their own business will be able to become users of this platform. The use of the platform will allow businessmen to simplify the opening, management and development of their own business.

The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Bank of Russia, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) take part in the experiment. Other participants will be able to join the new project – public authorities, banks, insurance organizations.

This experiment will take place until February 1, 2025. As a result of the experiment, the organizers plan to conduct analytical work and scale the platform.

It is planned to create a set of services and services for representatives of SMEs. A selection of targeted support measures that are approved will be available on the portal. The platform will provide an opportunity to design services that are necessary for a business at different stages of activity. The services will operate remotely, and data will be exchanged between government agencies through an interdepartmental interaction system.

Businessmen will be able to create a digital profile on the platform and use it to use services for starting a business, tax services, obtaining a loan, document designer and others.

The use of a new ecosystem for small and medium-sized businesses will solve common problems that arise during the interaction of government and business.

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