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We strongly believe that cooperation is a joint activity of people or legal entities, and the result is that each of them gains some benefit (or expects to get it).

As a rule, it is most pronounced in the business sphere. There, cooperation is the result of certain agreements between the partners.

And before that, they could even be competitors.

Why spend money and labor on the struggle when it is enough for the same economic result to agree, set boundaries of influence, and work peacefully.

Sometimes collaboration is an association of companies in a coalition to solve a common problem.

For example, drive another company out of the market and split the remaining segment in half, not settle for a third. Business cooperation is often a process in which one market entity complements another helps it in something.

In particular, this could be a partnership between the media and large industrial corporations.

In this case, business collaboration allows the first partner to use powerful resources to prepare interesting materials for their readers or viewers, which means increasing circulation, popularity, and revenue.

For the second – this is an opportunity to improve and maintain a positive image influence on public opinion. Or it could be a close, mutually beneficial relationship between a large company and a bank.

The same connection can be observed when cooperation is a matter of agreement between large companies or consumer brands with points of sale.

For some, this is the expansion of the sales market and the global strengthening of positions.

For others, it is a saving on the promotion of goods. Partnerships can be formalized and informal.

Some foundations of the relationship can be noted in documents that have legal force, and others – only in the form of personal agreements between the two leaders.

As a rule, if the campaign is planned to overthrow competitors and take advantage of market share, such cooperation is not advertised.

And even more – they are hiding it so that they do not have problems with the antitrust authorities. The public requires cooperation based on mutual benefits that are not always tangible.

A lot of preliminary work is needed to reach agreements that benefit the people or legal entities involved.

This may include business correspondence, when one future, In addition, partnerships must be maintained and developed.

This may include business correspondence, when one future, In addition, partnerships must be maintained and developed.

In this case, in addition to purely business relations within the contractual relationship, we must not forget the congratulations of managers on their birthdays, professional and public holidays, invitations to it, and official corporate events.

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