Russian business visa

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One of the most popular types of visas to enter Russia is business visas.

A business visa, also known as a commercial visa, is necessary for a foreigner who plans to come to Russia for business purposes for negotiations, acquaintance with the local market, etc.

A business visa can be single-entry or double-entry for up to 3 months or multiple-entry for up to 1 year.

The period of stay in the Russian Federation on a business visa should not exceed 90 days for half a year.

Business visa is issued if you need to solve one of the following tasks:

– Search for business partners, conducting negotiations, signing contracts and their subsequent extension

– Participation in business events

– Research of the Russian market for launching a foreign brand or product on the territory of the Russian Federation

Installation, repair and maintenance of foreign equipment imported into the Russian Federation

To apply for a business visa, you need a passport with an up-to-date validity period, an invitation from an organization or business partner, medical insurance, a completed questionnaire, as well as some other documents.

With them, you must come to the Russian Embassy and give the papers for verification. Documents are considered within 20 days.

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