Air communication between the Russian Federation and 9 countries has been resumed.

Since November 9, air communication with the Bahamas, Iran, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Oman, Tunisia, Slovenia, Thailand has been restored.

Two flights will be operated each week to the following destinations: Moscow – Nassau (Bahamas), Moscow – Muscat (Oman), St. Petersburg – Bergen (Norway) and St. Petersburg – Oslo, St. Petersburg – Stockholm (Sweden) and St. Petersburg – Gothenburg, Moscow – Bangkok (Thailand) and Moscow – Phuket, one flight each from Russian airports that are approved for international flights to Bangkok and Phuket. Three flights a week will be operated from Moscow to Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Tehran (Iran), one flight from Sochi to Tehran.

There will be seven flights to the Netherlands on the route Moscow – Amsterdam, two flights Moscow – Eindhoven, two flights St. Petersburg – Amsterdam, Zhukovsky – Amsterdam, Yekaterinburg – Amsterdam, Kaliningrad – Amsterdam and Sochi – Amsterdam. There will be seven flights a week to Tunis to Monastir from Russian airports, where international flights have been resumed.

The number of flights to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Venezuela, Malta and Maldives will also be doubled. In addition, restrictions on regular and charter flights from Russia to the Egyptian resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada will be lifted from November 9.

The start of these flights was made in accordance with the decision of the operational headquarters to prevent the import and spread of COVID-19.