Selling Shares In A Company In Dubai

Joint-stock companies can publish and sell shares in Dubai and are usually listed on the Stock Market for trading objectives. Investors who choose this type of company have the space to value and trade the shares of their company, compared to the private limited liability company that cannot sell shares so freely.

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Trading Company Stock In Dubai

Public limited liability companies in Dubai can be listed on the Stock Exchange. The Dubai Financial Market is a favored choice, operating within a particular zone in the city. Many foreign companies sell shares in this market. A special license is required to list the company here. The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Dubai are two other options for listing companies in the UAE.

When trading shares and stock in Dubai, investors can perform with a broker or a financial services company. If you need legal services on the laws applicable to foreign trade in Dubai, one of our lawyers in Dubai can answer your questions.

Transferring Company Shares In Dubai

Selling the shares of a company is viable in Dubai for joint-stock companies and, in certain circumstances, for limited liability companies (LLCs). For the latter, a specific transfer document is needed.

The company Board must approve any sale of shares in a limited liability company in Dubai through a special resolution that may also complete a share transfer agreement between the seller and the buyer. To complete the share transfer, the seller must obtain approval from the Department of Economic Development. Additional documents are usually requested at this stage, including information about the number of shares sold to the buyer.

Selling the shares of a company in Dubai means that the ownership of that business has changed (only for limited liability companies). Who must reflect this change in the company’s constitutional documents? One of our lawyers in Dubai can help you amend the retail license of that company.

For more information on selling and moving shares in Dubai and additional legal advice and support, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai.

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