Parallel import: what will be the price of goods now?

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade has compiled a list of goods that can be imported into the Russian Federation through parallel imports. Recently, retail has faced a shortage of brands, the import of which was banned in Russia.

Many people are still mistaken that parallel and gray imports are the same thing. Parallel import is the delivery of goods that were manufactured by an official manufacturer, delivered to third countries, and then brought to the Russian Federation.

Parallel import is allowed only for goods from the list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Prohibited to import goods not included in the named list can still not be imported into the Russian Federation.

The list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is quite wide, which includes electronics, tools, branded women’s handbags, and clothing.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade also obliged importers to provide a guarantee and certificates for goods. The agency reported that the next step will be taken in the field of product certification – it will be greatly simplified.

It is obvious that the Russian consumer will not be left without the usual electronics. Factories in China and Vietnam will successfully replace the products of the usual Western brands. They are already actively increasing production to increase imports to the Russian market.

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