Obstacles to increase the foreign investments in Russia

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International firms provided the purposes which stop increasing of investments in Russia – for example issues with regulator and the low level of growing of the economic system in Russia.

The biggest restrained point for 47% of manufacturers of goods and for 60% of pharmaceutical firms is – cooperation with government bodies.

Political sanctions are also the reason which suspend investing, that was noted by 24% of manufacturers of goods and by 21% of pharmaceutical companies. Sanctions become one of the points why foreigners prefer to invest in “less risk” countries.

To make become investment in business more effective in Russia – the improvement of the regulation of technical area, in labor relations and in regulation of Tax area should be made.

Despite the current obstacles – almost two thirds from current international companies in Russia intend to rise the presence there. 90% of pharmaceutical companies and 61% of manufacturers. At the same time foreign investors prefer to put funds in existing projects and not start new ones.

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