How to go in Russia

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How to go in Russia

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You can come to Russia for various purposes:

  • tourist – to get acquainted with the sights;
  • culture of the country;
  • educational – admission to a university or academy or for business reasons.

In recent years, Russia has been actively improving its investment climate, as a result, its position in various business ratings.

For example, Moscow has been ranked fourth in the world in terms of business convenience for the second year in a row.

Ahead of the strongest rivals such as Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, Los Angeles.

All these indicators indicate that Russia is becoming more and more interesting for investment by both small and large investors.

How to start a business in Russia?

Registration and opening company in the form of a Limited Liability Company.

LLC is the most convenient and easiest way to open a business in the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the registration of a new business gives certain preferences for obtaining a visa of a certain type for foreign owners.

The actual owner of the business may have the right to obtain the status of a Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS), which gives the right:

– open company in Russia without restrictions;

– obtaining a multivisa for a period of 3 years;

– the possibility of crossing the border of Russia in a stipulated period without restrictions.

VALEN’s lawyers have ample experience in registering companies and resolving visa issues and will be happy to assist you.

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Open a Company in Russia
Open a Company in Russia