Getting Russian Nationality

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In order to getting Russian nationality, a foreign person must be qualified and obtain a visa and a residency permit before involving in citizenship. Russia does not inspire dual citizenship; however, citizenship by descent is viable in some cases.

A new law controlling citizenship favors highly qualified individuals, those working in certain occupations, or some foreign investors


The team of lawyers at our law firm in Russia can assist you to apply for citizenship or meet the essential requirements to qualify for it.

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Acquiring Russian citizenship

According to the Citizenship Act of 2002 which substituted the previous one dated 199, it is possible to acquire Russian citizenship in the following circumstances:

  • if the parent’s citizenship is Russian; 
  • by birth;
  • by naturalization;
  • by restoration.

A child born in Russia can qualify for Russian citizenship if neither of his parents is a Russian citizen. For this definition, the child must not acquire any other citizenship.

Naturalization is probable after the foreigner has been a permanent resident in Russia for at least five years. The applicant must hold a clean criminal record, a legal basis of income, and must speak Russian. The same principles also apply to the restoration of citizenship, the only distinction being that in this case the period needed to obtain citizenship is only three years.

Russian citizenship for qualified experts

The procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship is easier for foreign nationals that have certain occupations. 

The list includes 74 professionals and individuals who qualify can benefit from a simplified procedure. These individuals will need to obtain a visa and a residence permit.

The list of professions includes 

  • doctors;
  • nurses;
  • midwives
  • medical laboratory technicians;
  • veterinaries;
  • therapists;
  • engineers;
  • mathematicians;
  • certain managers;
  • directors. 

Under this simplified scheme, the applicant will no longer need to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Our lawyers can help you with other information like the requirements for obtaining a Russian visa. 

You can contact our law firm in Russia for more points and personalized assistance in submitting the necessary documents.

Open a Company in Russia
Open a Company in Russia