Single window technology for export

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The technology or principle of “one window” is actively used all over the world, including in the field of international trade. The “one stop shop” principle contributes to the concentration of services in one place, from filing an application to obtaining a decision from any body, so there is no need to apply to many different authorities for documents and certificates in order to achieve a result.

The one-stop shop technology allows exporters to process all the documents necessary for customs, makes it possible to find suppliers and markets.
In 2020, the Russian Export Center created the My Export electronic resource, which combines all services and support measures for experts in one digital platform. On the site, the exporter can always track the progress of work on a particular service in his personal account. On the portal, you can use the legal support of consultants on export issues within the framework of the Export Professionals project. In particular, the following categories of support are in demand: search for potential partners, e-commerce, legal support, counterparty verification, logistics, intellectual property, certification, customs clearance, analytical reports and research. All executors of the Export Professionals project undergo mandatory accreditation before starting work. Also, “My Export” provides access to educational materials on various issues of export activities.

Everything that the REC Group of Companies cannot offer can be offered by other participants in the export activity market present on the My Export site. So, for example, the REC Group of Companies is not engaged in the transportation of goods abroad and has relations with partners only in 12 countries of the world. In turn, other performers can help you find them in almost any country in the world.

The entire procedure for obtaining services is conveniently integrated into the electronic resource and automated. All stages of interaction between the parties on the service, from filling out an application to signing contracts and acts of work performed, take place in a personal account on the My Export site.

Financing. Currently, SMEs can receive state support in the form of partial or full financing of a number of portal services. For example, you can get support for the certification of industrial goods and medicines, for the transportation of industrial goods, contract analysis, search for a buyer, and other services. In the future, it is planned to expand the list of services financed by the state.