Reporting on the opening of foreign accounts

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accordance with the current legislation, it is necessary to send a notification
about the opening and closing of a bank account abroad. Russia exchanges data
with the tax authorities of 79 countries. Thus, the tax inspectorate can
receive information about foreign accounts of citizens.

The easiest
way to notify the tax service is by submitting a notification through the
taxpayer’s personal account.

To register
in your personal account, you will need to visit the nearest tax inspectorate
or you can use an account on Public Services.

logging in to your personal account, you can submit a notification by filling
in all the necessary fields.

opening an account, it is necessary to send annual reports on the movement of
funds on the account. Specify the amount of receipts and the amount of

A report on
the movement of money on the account is also submitted through the taxpayer’s
personal account.

In case of
violation of the deadlines for sending the report, a fine of 2500 to 3000
rubles is provided.

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