The trend of “digital” real estate for companies

In 2022, the demand for office space rental has decreased. This is due, first of all, to the departure of foreign companies from Russia. About a third of large companies now work in Russia in a limited mode, 15% have sold their business, another 7% have decided to retire completely.
The decrease in demand for rental property is also due to the fact that many companies have begun to work in the “online” mode, respectively, many premises are now empty.
The pandemic, during which many companies were able to optimize work processes and transfer most of their employees to remote work, could not but affect the fall in demand for offices. This has enabled business owners to save on the cost of renting employee space without compromising company productivity.
At the same time, there is a new trend in the commercial real estate market – the so-called “digital real estate”. It is especially needed by high-tech companies involved in the development of innovative products and new technological solutions. There is a growing need for information storage and processing, and therefore the IT infrastructure must be equipped with structural cabling systems, fiber-optic communication lines, Wi-Fi, uninterruptible power supply.
This property has a high level of security. Particular attention is paid to UPS – uninterruptible power supplies. They save you from a short-term power outage, and also protect against interference and power surges in the mains.
Such premises are rented much faster, since many are not ready to spend a significant part of the funds on interior decoration. It is much easier to rent ready-made premises, when employees only need to provide a PC or laptop, and they can immediately start working.
In general, it can be noted that the real estate market can no longer be imagined without modern premises equipped with IT infrastructure, and competition and demand in the digital real estate market will gradually increase.