Investment platforms for manufactures in Moscow and the Moscow region

To date, more than 400 hectares of land are free in the Moscow Region near the Central Ring Road, which connects the major highways of Moscow. This land can accommodate both large industrial complexes and agriculture.
Information about the location of land plots near the Central Ring Road is available on the map of the Moscow Region Investment Portal. You can get acquainted with the following information about the sites: distance from the Central Ring Road, area, address and cadastral number of the site, type of permitted use, cost of purchase and lease, information about the engineering and technical support of the facility, transport infrastructure, contacts of the person responsible for the facility and much more.
The Government of the Moscow Region is investing 3.5 billion rubles in the construction of a new Light Industrial site – a production and warehouse complex. Completion of the construction of this project, according to Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region Ekaterina Zinovieva, is planned by the end of 2024. The production and storage facilities of Light Industrial are already actively used in the USA and Western Europe.
Light Industrial rooms are ideal for storing goods for online stores, distributors, trading companies and agriculture for further delivery to consumers or for production.
Zinovieva also announced the possibility for investors to receive preferential loans for the purchase of ready-made industrial premises under the Industrial Mortgage program.
There is also a preferential program “Land for 1 ruble”, under which entrepreneurs can rent a plot for three years for a nominal fee. Subsequently, if the project on the leased land is fully implemented, the entrepreneur will be able to buy it for 15% of its cadastral value. Three years, as a rule, is enough for the erection of buildings and structures, installation and production line and its commissioning.
Under this program, about 200 land plots with a total area of ​​over 2,000 hectares are available in the Moscow Region. Some investors have already taken advantage of this program.
In total, about 10,000 business sites are available on the investment portal, which allows everyone to independently select a convenient site for starting a business.