The procedure for changing the head of the LLC in 2022: features

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The process of changing the head is
formalized by the decision of the sole participant, in the event that there are
2 more founders, a protocol on the change is drawn up.

The procedure for changing the head by the
sole founder.

The sole participant issues a decision on
the change of the head of the company. The document must necessarily contain:

• Full name of the Company, TIN, address
and OGRN.

• Date and place of the decision.

• Data of the founder.

• The date of termination of the powers of
the former head and the appointment of a new one, respectively.

The decision is signed with his own hand,
otherwise it will be invalid.

procedure for changing the head of the protocol of several participants.

In this case, it is mandatory to convene a
general meeting of participants. The law provides for two types of meetings:
regular and extraordinary.

The request to convene an extraordinary
meeting is sent by the participant to the head.

If the director refuses to convene the
meeting, the participant who has more than 10 percent of the shares receives
this right.

The General Meeting of participants keeps
the minutes of the meeting, where questions on each item are reflected.

In respect of all items, each founder votes

The protocol is reflected in a charming

– The fact and date of the previous

– Information about the new director.

– Term of office (optional).

The minutes of the general meeting must be
notarized, otherwise the tax service will not register the changes.

out the appropriate sample form.

The manager submits form P13014 on the
change, which must be notarized.

The package of documents can be submitted
in three ways:

1. Personally to the Tax Inspectorate.

2. By mail.

3. Through a notary.

The deadline for registration of relevant
changes is 5 working days from the date of submission of documents.

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