The Cabinet of Ministers approved new rules for the legalization of foreign documents

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A bill on simplifying the process of legalizing
foreign documents has been submitted to the State Duma.

Thus, it will be possible to confirm the
authenticity of documents in 40 more regions besides Moscow. Namely, where
there are territorial divisions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The new bill proposes to change the procedure
for requesting official papers from another state.

The draft law assumes that the legalization of
Russian official documents will provide for authentication of the signature,
the authority of the person who signed the document, as well as the
authenticity of the seal or stamp.

The new rules also propose to exclude from the
general requirement for the legalization of foreign official documents
certifying the identity of foreign citizens and stateless persons.

The fee will be charged only if such an
operation is viable.

These standards will come into force on January
1, 2025.

This draft law is aimed at improving the
legalization procedure and optimizing the work of Russian consular
institutions. These amendments have been accumulated by the practice of the
consular authorities of the Russian Federation in cooperation with other
foreign institutions.

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