Registration of a joint-stock company

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A joint–stock company (JSC) is an economic entity whose authorized capital is divided into a certain number of shares. Registration of a joint-stock company creates difficulties for many founders. In order not to make mistakes, save time and money, you need to seek professional help. VALEN’s specialists will carry out the necessary legal measures to achieve the goal of opening a company.

What is included in the JSC registration service in Moscow

The service includes a number of specific procedures and documentation stages that ensure the legality and legal protection of the activities of the joint-stock company. We begin the registration process by preparing documents – an application, a decision (protocol) of the participants, the charter of the joint-stock company, which must comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and contain all necessary information about the future organization. The charter includes information about:

  • Name
  • Location
  • The purpose and subject of the activity
  • The structure and size of the authorized capital
  • Rights and obligations of shareholders and other important provisions
  • What documents will we prepare for you?
  • An extract from the company’s register (for the founder – a legal entity)
  • Copies of documents certifying the identity of the founders – individuals
  • Documents confirming the company’s address (letter of guarantee, certified copies of the certificate of ownership/USRN statement)
  • Receipt of payment of the state duty
  • A document confirming the registration of the issue of shares

We provide comprehensive services for the registration of joint-stock companies, taking into account the preparation, provision, submission and receipt of all necessary documents.

Who is suitable for the JSC registration service 

The registration service of a joint-stock company in the Russian Federation is intended for different groups of clients:

  • Domestic and foreign companies that want to develop business in Russia and have chosen a joint-stock company as a form of organization.
  • Who seeks to attract investments from other states and needs legal development and registration of a joint-stock company.
  • Companies that exist in the format of a different organizational and legal form and want to change it to a joint-stock company.

The cost of the JSC registration service in Moscow 

The price is formed from several factors that are interrelated and taken into account when determining the final cost:

  • Type of service
  • The need to provide services in a package
  • The area of registration of the JSC
  • The complexity of the registration process
  • Changes in legislation, which made the procedure more complicated
  • The cost of issuing licenses, permits and other legal instruments
  • Additional costs in the process of obtaining legal instruments

Advantages of JSC registration 

  • High commercial attractiveness of joint-stock companies in the Russian Federation.
  • Allows you to attract investments as much as possible, which is especially crucial for large and promising projects that require significant capital investment.
  • Clear delineation of the rights and obligations of the participants.
  • Shareholders have the opportunity to freely purchase and sell shares, and their liability is limited by the amount of deposits.
  • High prospects for attracting foreign investment.
  • Public stock trading.
  • Within the framework of the stock market, additional sources of financing are opened for the company, which increases its attractiveness to investors.

VALEN specialists will conduct the company registration procedure in the form of a joint stock company, taking into account future advantages and privileges. In the future, you will become the owner of a sustainable and profitable enterprise by receiving other consulting services from our specialists on a subscription basis.

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