Legal services for business protection



Protecting a business from risks and legal problems is an integral part of the successful operation of any company. VALEN’s lawyers will help small, medium and large businesses in solving urgent issues with clients or contractors. We play a key role in ensuring the legal security of the enterprise, as well as in helping to resolve possible conflicts and problems that may arise in the course of business operations.

What does the legal protection of a business include? This is the enforcement of laws in the field of taxation and corporate governance. We help to draw up the necessary statutory documents, employment contracts and other documents.  

What is one of the important areas of our work? This is to ensure the protection of the company’s intellectual property. We help to register trademarks, patents and copyrights, as well as provide advice on the management and protection of intellectual assets.

What is included in the legal business protection service

  1. Consultations and development of contracts. We provide competent solutions based on business-specific legislation. We develop and analyze various agreements with partners, suppliers, employees and customers. The purpose of our work is to ensure the legal validity of the documents and to avoid possible legal problems.
  2. Protection in court and arbitration. We develop a defense strategy and represent the company’s interests in lawsuits and arbitrations. We also assess possible risks, recommend the best ways to resolve conflicts and ensure effective representation of the client’s interests in court.
  3. Tax law and corporate governance. We help businesses comply with the complex requirements of tax legislation. We develop tax strategies, minimize the risks of tax violations and ensure compliance of corporate procedures with legislation.

The cost of legal business protection services 

The price for the service is formed based on some factors, including:

  • The cost of the employee’s work. It is expressed in the price of an hour of specialist work.
  • The peculiarity of a specific project. Tasks that require more in-depth analysis, documentation preparation, or participation in complex legal processes may require additional resources.
  • Specialization of the service. Intellectual property protection or tax consulting may cost more than the registration of an LLC or JSC. This is due to the application of deeper expertise.
  • The reputation and experience of the law firm.
  • The form of service provision is a one–time consultation, subscription service or other options.

The final price for legal services is formed based on a combination of the above factors, adapted to the specific needs and requests of the client.

Advantages of the service

  • Ensuring the legal stability of the company, starting from consultations and drafting contracts, ending with the protection of interests in court and arbitration.
  • Detailed analysis of legal aspects, for example, advising on the conclusion of agreements, dispute resolution and compliance with tax legislation.
  • Reducing risks before or during development.
  • Assistance and assistance in creating legally sound agreements with partners, clients and employees.
  • Business protection in court through the development of a strategy and ensuring effective representation of the company’s interests in legal processes.
  • Broad specialization – in tax, corporate, labor law and other areas where the main task is to comply with complex tax requirements and develop corporate strategies.
  • Legal protection of intellectual property.
  • A favorable price compared to the maintenance of a staff of lawyers.


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