Migrant’s Green Card to Russia

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A migrant’s green card is a fingerprint card that is issued after fingerprinting and photographing.

For its registration, you will need to contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a passport and its notarized translation. In 2023, a foreigner working on the basis of a patent or work permit receives this document together with them. Its term is 10 years, and re-taking of fingerprints is not required.

A new draft law comes into force in 2024, according to which a foreign citizen must issue a single migrant card.

It will be necessary for real-time verification of legal actions on the territory of Russia. A single card will be required for employment and stay longer than 90 days for other purposes.

Also, according to the new draft law, this will be a prerequisite for entry into the territory of the Russian Federation. As an experiment, fingerprinting and photographing of visiting foreign citizens will be carried out at all Moscow airports.